I Hate You. Send Tweet. Smile.

remember this entry:

x celeb mean tweets

well jimmy kimmel got our favorite nba baller wolves to read theirs.

tumblr_ll3oelTVQv1qdrz76loved matt and shaqs reactions.
some of the rest were weak.
i have read worst.
some that would make them cry.
i need lebron to read his.
he is pretty sensitive.

lowkey: am i the only 1 who i thinks deandre jordan is cute?

tumblr_mnrwhdnk8g1s6435ao1_400if not,
i don’t have to worry about you tryin’ to get with mine.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “I Hate You. Send Tweet. Smile.”

  1. whoever tweeted Blake Griffin is ugly is hatin hard. He’s adorable.
    Deandre is very handsome, I agree.

    1. ^you need to call him,
      remind him ya’ll been cool,
      have him fund your lifestyle,
      and then introduce him to me.

      jay is getting “musckles” now so i may have a hard time choosin.

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