Don’t Expect to See Chad Tweet For 30 Days

tumblr_mnh4rdLlif1r8dn7io1_500on the positive,
all the pictures ive seen of chad,
his style is pretty similar to mine.
i saw myself liking every one of his outfits on the net.
on the negative,
he will be wearing orange for the next 30 days

Former NFL star Chad Johnson will serve 30 days in jail after violating probation in a domestic violence case involving his then-wife, TV reality star Evelyn Lozada.

A plea deal that called for no jail time fell apart Monday. Broward Judge Kathleen McHugh rejected it after Johnson playfully slapped his attorney on the behind in court. McHugh says Johnson wasn’t taking things seriously enough, even after he apologized. McHugh also extended Johnson’s probation for three months.


tumblr_memh52HcQV1r5wsg2why is he slappin his lawyer’s ass in the courtroom?
chad really tho?
you shoulda did that when you walked into the hallway.
sheesh.well on another positive,
he will enough time to get a prison body for the summer.

yes chad work on that.

ChadJohnsonCourtButtSlaplowkey: evelyn had something to say two weeks ago:

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9 thoughts on “Don’t Expect to See Chad Tweet For 30 Days”

      1. His attorney is not a bad looking dude, he was kinda thick lol. TMZ has the video. Chad should know not to do that in front a female judge who may not understand that the smack was similar to what they do in the game. Chad slapped his butt because he helped him get off, but the judge wanted to see a more serious side to him tho. He should have slapped his butt outside the courtroom. I believe that he ruined his career.

  1. I need for Chad and T.O. to come and move in with me so I can take care of them and have two way and three way fun!

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