No One In The World

12113863so i finally finished the book i got from the library last week.
it was called “no one in the world” by the late e lynn harris,
collaborated with rm johnson.
i personally think it is one that all of “us” should read personally.
here’s what it was about without a spoiler
so the story is about is about a couple people,
but it focuses on the “six degrees of separation” everyone is connected to each other somehow.
the book starts off with cobi,
a successful lawyer and his sister adopted sister sissy.
both their parents die in a plane crash and are left this huge fortune as well as the company.
problem is cobi happens to be gay and his father did not approve of it.
cobi was also messing with a married senator.
uh huh.
in the will reading,
it read that in order for him to get his shares,
he needed to marry a vixen before his birthday.
yup i know.
while alla that is going on,
cobi found out he had a twin named eric.
eric is a jailbird serving time for being a dumb ass basically.
cobi wants to reconnect with him due to being separated for so long.
what cobi doesn’t know is that eric’s bunk mate friend blac was in debt due to being another dumb ass.
this is where all hell breaks loose in the story.
i was on the edge of my bed reading it at one point…

giphythe book is a pretty good read.
it had a lot of twists and turns that kept me in interested.
my only gripe was the ending.
it was okay,
and one i didn’t see it coming.
i feel it may have been better if e lynn was alive to finish it,
but that’s just my take on it.
just my opinion tho.
everyone should add it to the the foxhole book club.
now i need another book to read.
while you’re at it,
check out e lynn’s other books.
one in particular is his first book “invisible life”.
that book changed my life as i started to get into the lifestyle.
basil henderson.
oh basil henderson.
another good one i read a couple years ago:

51dn4caw4NL^good shit.

lowkey: i wanted to try “the devil’s wears prada”,
but it wasn’t in that library or on the kindle reader.
if you have any “the foxhole book club” suggestions,
please send my way.

x check out e lynn’s collection on amazon
x check out b boy blues

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12 thoughts on “No One In The World”

  1. check out Daddy Long Stroke ,The Kat Trap, Kitty Kitty Bang Bang, Deep Throat Diva and Big Booty. All by Cairo…AND IN THAT ORDER lol

  2. My fav E. Lynn Harris novel is ‘And This Too Shall Pass’. Basil Henderson is such a great character…I wonder who could play him if they ever did the movie for ‘Invisible Life’

  3. Have you read any book from the Caper Court Series by Caro Fraser? The plot evolves around the life of a bi-sexual lawyer in London. It is very well written and engaging. I have only read 2 (The Pupil and Judicial Whispers) out of the 7 books in the series but I’m eager to get my hands on the others.

    1. ^i can see where you would think so christian.
      i wish raymond and basil didn’t die with e lynn.
      the descrip for that book you posted looks interesting.
      i may have to check that out.

    2. Christian,I agree with you 100%. I was a big fan of E Lynn Harris and was never disappointed in any of his books until No One In This World. I didn’t necessarily care for Basketball Jones either but that book still had E Lynn Harris’ flair and touch that engaged you from the beginning. Basil, Raymond, Yancy, and even Kyle were well developed and loved characters. Their was a sense of realism with E Lynn’s writing in his earlier books.

      Even though people gave No One In The World good reviews I just felt it was bland and I couldn’t get past a few chapters. I just didn’t feel E Lynn’s spark in the writing, it was different and I couldn’t connect to the main characters. I still have the book and it just sits on my shelf collecting dust. It started off so unrealistic with the parents dying in a plane crash which made no sense at all to me.

  4. So now that you have a library card are you going to visit your local library more often? I visit the library weekly primarily to read magazines and check out DVDs and CDs.An interesting tidbit your blog is blocked at the Houston Public Library .You have to have a librarian enter a special password to access the site because they use a website filter called Websense.Your site is classified as Pornography

      1. It’s just not your site at my neighborhood branch I cant access Queerty, Rod 2.0, MTO and some other gossip sites unless I have them turn off filter.The bad thing is only a couple staff members have the password soon it’s not worth the hassle.
        Regarding E Lynn Harris I don’t read much non fiction but isnt one of his character based on a real person, a famous person? Also it would be great if one of his books would be made into a movie.I got to go offline but which book would make a good movie, Invisible Life?

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