boosie ends up having a gay kid (karma?)

they say if your karma doesn’t come back to you,
it may come back through your children.
i know quite a few homophobic straights whose kids end up being
i’ll add boosie to the list of those who…

…but sadly,
as much as we think otherwise,
many male parents seem accepting of their lesbian daughters.
it’s when their sons are gay…

11 thoughts on “boosie ends up having a gay kid (karma?)

  1. I’m just going to say I hope this young woman is OK. Growing up in a house with an anti-gay fool like that is not a safe environment, so I especially hope she has support from her other parent or guardian and other family and friends. Her father has clowned over LGBTQ people, so I would trust him as far as I could throw him.

  2. This is not Karma because its still pussy in the house. This the same man that paid a hooker to suck his son dick to see what it feels like. This is not Karma, this is his way to tell his son to try to fuck his sister woman, watch. Karma for Boosie would have to catch his son.

  3. Yeah sadly women being gay is looked at different than men being gay. So this is probably a win to him. His sons would never come out.

  4. I honestly think many Black men would be relieved, which is sad.

    They dog Black women, but want their daughters to be treated like princesses and are overprotective and don’t want their daughters dating.

    So their daughter with another girl (especially if she is fem and not a stud) is just her “going through a phase” or “having fun”.

  5. It’s not his karma yall trippin. He clearly does not condone in the men on men he been said a while back he don’t care bout girls liking girls . It’s the men that looks bad 🤷🏾‍♀️

    1. Well not necessarily because there’s a difference between the male homosexual vs the female homosexual experience. This wouldn’t be taken as an L cause she’s female now if this were the other way around then you could say see that’ll learn ya but it’s safe to say boosie wouldn’t be phased at all.

      1. That part
        if anything he’s happy bc he doesn’t have to “protect her from men”

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