“my daughter might be a lesbian”

some parents aren’t prepared to handle the tough situations involving their kids.
it drives me crazy when i see people think kids are for entertainment purposes and social media flexing.

“OMG Timmy!
Go put on that little costume and do that little dance for the neighbors!
You know the one I make you do because you’re my little circus animal!”

having kids is more than that.
it’s a huge responsibility that many aren’t ready for and honestly shouldn’t have.
they be cute until they start rebelling on that ass.

i got a call early from a friend who was dealing with an issue with their kid.
she wanted advice because her daughter was searching porn on her youtube account

Lesbians kissing
Very hot lesbians kissing
Vixens in bikinis
Lesbian porn
Stepmother kissing and fuckin’ daughter

her daughter is 9 and was legit searching the shit out of sexual content on youtube.
when my friend confronted her daughter,
she said she doesn’t know how that happened and it came up in the recommendations.
her account was on a kid’s account on pg-13.

Weren’t we so cute when we tried to outsmart our parents?

well after extracting a confession,
she admitted and said the voices in her head told her to do it and she couldn’t control them.
my friend is upset because her daughter is growing up and becoming curious,
but she admitted that she is scared of raising a possible lesbian daughter.
she doesn’t want her to get taken advantage of and feels she wouldn’t get grandkids in the future.

i reassured her that her daughter is simply curious and exploring.
it’s normal and perfectly fine.
at that age,
i was already jackin off and in my early teenage years,
i was cyber sexin’ growing ass men on different apps.
i was virtual fast af.
i told her that her daughter being curious is the least of her worries.
how would she feel if she discovered that she was searching:

“How to slit someone’s throat in 5 seconds”
“How to kill someone and hide the body”
“How to be like Ted Bundy in 5 easy steps”
“Kill kill kill; murder murder murder”

those are more alarming things than a growing girl trying to figure herself out.
my friend admitted that she has put fear into her daughter as a parents.
her sperm donor didn’t help when he was told:

“She doesn’t have a choice in this matter.
She is gonna cut that shit out.
We aren’t gonna raise our child as white parents…”

well sir,
guess what?
she might not have a choice and neither do you.

you can’t scare a child into being what YOU want them to be.

this is where a child will start sneaking around in rebellion.
star fox (rip) came from a really religious background and started sneaking around too.
he lost his virginity at 16 to someone well into his late 20s off an app.
i think most of the gay and bi millenials can attest to the amount of lying and sneaking we had to do.

The straights need to realize that if a child turns out to be gay that it’s okay!


this is even more reason to love and protect them fiercely.
as a gay black male,
i know how unkind society can be.
it didn’t help that i didn’t have understanding parents to turn to when i was curious either.

Caribbean parents can be the worst

i was scared of being gay and caused me tremendous shame.
let’s break these generational curses from the silent generation,
and some from gen x shall we?

lowkey: why do i feel raising a lesbian daughter will be 10xs easier than a gay son?
is that wrong?

5 thoughts on ““my daughter might be a lesbian”

  1. Omg you’re rocking it! Lol this post is so funny n candid n real af. Lol @ “The straights need to realize that if a child turns out to be gay that it’s okay!” So true. I’m gay too but my parents made me feel like being gay was a bad thing throughout my youth (not to mention how anti-gay my conservative, Christian, rich, suburban neighborhood in Dallas, Texas was). So I hated myself and was in denial and depression for so long. I tried so hard to just be into girls instead of guys, but I eventually realized that I’ll always be strictly into men and that I can’t change this! If I raise kids with my husband and any of them turn out to be LGBTQ in any way, I sure will make sure they feel comfortable and empowered and the amazing souls that they are! Keep rocking it queennnnn!💕🏳️‍🌈😘

  2. Maaaaaan. You know what I miss…those AOL chat rooms back in the day when you could find a bunch of cyber freaks to be chatting with at night. Those grainy ass pics with our shitty internet but still was everything.

  3. This post made me chuckle. The child says it was voices in her head but what is her environment like? I remember in both primary and high school my friends used to find their parents’ secret porn and play it out of curiousity. Sometimes kids pick up what adults are discussing and go looking for answers. What stood out to me is how specific her search terms were.

    I don’t think her mother should be too alarmed. I think it is a part of growing up. Most of us were staying up late just to watch Real Sex, Zane’s Sex Chronicles, Lord of the G-String and those other shows in the 00s.

    I thought I was the only one cyber sexin’ grown people online lol. I remember when Enrique Cruz was still up and running, he had another section of the site where you could meet and talk to black and Latino guys. I was even trying to post shirtless pics without the face 😂. This truly brought me on a trip down memory lane. Those were the good ol’ days.

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