onlyfans has banned something that made all the sex workers cry in unison

i won’t lie but there is a thrill of having sex outside.
doing something you shouldn’t be doing is exciting af.
i’d be turned on if my manz asked me to do something out of our norm.
( x this video never fails to not turn me on )
i love that aggressive shit.
the thrill of not being able to moan your entire head off >
well ever since ya’ll got onlyfans accounts,
ya’ll been taking outside sex into overdrive.
onlyfans heard ya’ll tho and…

OnlyFans have placed a ban on outdoor sex, but clearly are still very much into having a stick up their arse.

It’s been reported that the content-sharing platform quietly updated their terms and conditions in mid-Feb, adding public sex to the prohibited content list.

Content that “was recorded in or is being broadcast from a public place where members of the public are reasonably likely to see the activities being illustrated” is now banned.

The vanilla thrill of ‘outdoors’ lands itself with much more serious violations like incest, bestiality and necrophilia. Also on the no-go list is golden showers. What’s next? Not allowed to shove cucumbers up your hole, either?

It should be noted that public videos – on trains, in parks, and public toilets – is a niche that is extremely popular among amateur content creators. Leaving many in dismay as to how they’ll continue to earn as much as they do.

oh no!
all the sex workers are crying because they can’t fuck outside anymore.

some of these folks were doing #toomuch out here.
you give folks an inch and they took all the inches.
there were folks fuckin or doing solos in their building’s laundry rooms during broad daylight.
if a parent walked in with their kid then it would be game over.

i’m not fonting that you can’t have some fun outside,
but some folks were doing too much for clout.
i guess everyone will have to be sexually creative in the privacy of their homes.
the horror!

article cc: cocktails and cocktalk

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “onlyfans has banned something that made all the sex workers cry in unison”

  1. I do not really have a problem with this, my issue is they should be able to create a system where you can preview the content before you subscribe to get a sense of what you are actually subscribing to. A lot of the new content creators on onlyfans are scamming, literally posting 10 to 30 second clips and passing that off as content knowing good and well that’s not what people are signing up for. I usually pass it off as a learning experience because nobody wants to go through the hassle of trying to dispute anything.

    1. ^ WORD

      they added the number stamps so folks know the length of the video.
      it never fails that gay males have better and longer videos compared to the straights

    2. Agree I think u can turn that off in settings bc when onlyfans started they had the clip length and some still have it but the scammers take it off

      also the content creators shouldn’t be able to see who is billed to them it should be anonymous bc what they do is upload a video the entire month in increments saying coming soon. and then right when everyone is rebilled they’ll post the whole thing. People treat sex videos like it’s a scam and say “it’s my content” but when you buy a shirt off a site they dont get to send u a piece of the shirt until they feel like sending the entire thing. It’s unfair and that’s why everyone bragging about making all this money was begging for a stimulus like the 9-5 people they claim to be above. That short sighted ass money dont last Ur entire life. If u want someone to bankroll ur life then be a. Escort or sugar baby pornstars sell CONTENT Not previews

      1. They also need to limit PPVs a month. Jaynite does a good job of having ppv and free content . Ur entire page can’t be ppv. Hour long videos sure but a naked shower vid for $10-$15 ???? The ppv messages get annoying every day. Debonair used to upload fire but he got to the point he was posting pictures of shoes he wanted . Like ?????

  2. They ate gonna pull a tumblr soon it seems I was responding to a video I liked in a private comment I said it raised my blood pressure The comment wouldnt go through because blood is a banned word
    Someone I followef was ordered to temove their videos because their partner was not a member
    Just for fans won’t allow me to use a vpn SMH

  3. Do ya have to record ERRRYTHANG’, anyway??? They seem more interested these days in how they look fuckin’ rather that how they’re fuckin’ …put the phone down sometime, dayum!

  4. OF is going to lose A LOT of creators over this. It’s ridiculous af. Outdoor sex if the shit! Fortunately there are several other platforms people can move to.

  5. It wont stop them from recording because they will advertise on twitter snapchat and have a clip of them heading outside or tell them where to find the banned content

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