it ain’t the summer jam screen for exposures anymore, it’s the twitter jam screen (sacklife pg)

back in 2001 at hot 97 “summer jam”,
jay z infamously outed that prodigy of mobb deep (rip) was a ballerina as a kid.

( x read here why that beef was even started )

back then,
when music was great,
getting exposed on the summer jam screen was exciting.
many slices of beef in hip hop were started on that stage.
i think the reason is that there were no social media so they used big events to start controversy.
if you weren’t there then you heard about it once you got to school or work.
these days,
exposures are usually followed by twitter posts and ig stories.
being a ballerina doesn’t hit as much a rapper spreading his butt cheeks while allegedly being baited.
local atl rapping jackal,
sacklife pg,
was allegedly outed like that and…


and this ig live:

if that is him:

how did they even find this??????
i keep asking with no answer:

Are vixens really asking for the straight males to be on all fours and spreading butt cheeks?

there are some vixens who like a nice tail on their manz,
but enough to see him spreading it open wide?
that just seems like a “nah homie” to me.
it could be allegedly different for sacklife pg tho.
some folks might be telling the truth about how they get baited.

i will say that if that’s sacklife pg,
he better be glad he isn’t mainstream and beefing with another rapper.
if they exposed this footage at summer jam,
he’d be done for.
these days,
this probably got him a whole new fan base.
it’s horny gays BUT they may listen to his music in the process.

lowkey: i’d be careful fuckin’ around with this one.

see all the best moments from summer jam: complex

Author: jamari fox

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17 thoughts on “it ain’t the summer jam screen for exposures anymore, it’s the twitter jam screen (sacklife pg)”

  1. I mean come on now, he from Atlanta! You can not tell me that he was baited and there is a whole dude grabbing and spreading his ass. What man is going to strip naked and twerk and not get the money first. We are way past the point of โ€œthis is the internetโ€. He knew that it could get leaked and yet he did another video shaking his ass and with a dude in the car. He not a victim of being a straight guy falling for a woman tricking him, he got caught thats all.

  2. I know Iโ€™m gettin old & unphased, cause at first I literally didnt give this story a second thought other then โ€œHe cute & gotta nice lil frameโ€ lol i mean weโ€™ve seen this story a mill times… if u DL, DONโ€™T do shit on camera! Especially if u tryna be a hood rapper

  3. JAMARI! The man said “Don’t fart in my face dog” then complimented the hole saying it was pretty. I am hollering and the ancestors can hear me! Whew! The DL life is thrilling. I seem to have forgotten.

  4. Jamari, I saw one where a man had his hand on that bounty of booty and told him to spread them. Oh I know he got the D of his LIFE in that car!

    1. I was just about to say thats a man hand on his booty in the car. You can see the feet. He said aint nothing gay about him, letting a man smack yo ass and tell you to spread them… and you do it…. you gay! He got a nice booty tho

  5. He said when he goes viral he wants them to say “Wow that gay azz ngga beat his azz” but before he loves pzzy?

    Anyway, he has a nice butt and some big dangling testicles ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Personally I don’t care either way; I’m not fucking him. Sexuality is extremely fluid. It has varying degrees of attraction to the same and opposite sex. Behavior does not always definitively determine orientation. There are gray areas. For example, if a “straight” man or woman admires how an outfit makes someone of their same sex look are they gay or lesbian? Not necessarily. At the end of the day the sex that a person makes a conscious choice to build sexual, emotional, AND spiritual connection/longevity with is what to me determines their orientation.

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