michael b. jordan caters with cakes for our feel good christmas viewing

so lemme tell you how much a “blonde” i can be.
i saw a quick gif or something of “a journal for jordan” last week.
i thought the lead actress was jordin sparks and she had a documentary out.
i didn’t know it was a new movie starring michael b. jordan.
the actress i thought was jordin sparks is chante adams.
i wasn’t high.
i swear that i wasn’t.
i was wondering where this gif of mbj came from:

“oh hi big and juicy pecs.
nice to meet you.”


his tail also made an appearance in the movie too.
an f-bi sent this to me and well…

well okay at this chemistry

cakes for christmas,
served fresh by michael b jordan.

i’m not even mad at.

Has anyone watched this movie?

i heard nothing about it.
i’ve only heard the new spiderman is a masterpiece.
you’d think a movie that was directed by denzel washington would push numbers.
with a budget of 25 mill,
it only brought in 2.9 mill.

“a journal for jordan” is in theaters now.

lowkey: they should have released it on hbo max or something.
folks will go out and see spiderman in droves because it’s marvel.
a movie like this would do better for home consumption.

14 thoughts on “michael b. jordan caters with cakes for our feel good christmas viewing

  1. Well honestly it was timing. They wanted that holiday money but it has too compete with Spiderman & the matrix so it was already off to bad odds. Then they didn’t really promote the movie too hard so most people either don’t know it or what it’s about.

  2. He debuted in Red Tails. He is doing what Nate Parker is supposed to be doing. Right movie at the right time. Think of Nate Parker in all of his roles and they make sense.

  3. Damn, the movie business gatekeepers are pushing this man hard to sell him as STRAIGHT, hell, let alone a sex symbol. The industry is trying to milk this man for every red cent they can make off of him and he has to go along with it because you know, contractual obligations. They done set him up with so many beards (Lauren London) and he is just tormented inside cuz he only wants to be free. Spirit tells me he’s gonna come out of the closet when he’s much older like Clive Davis did but by that time, he will be well passed his prime and nobody would really care. Either he comes out in his 80s or there will be a tell all book that reveals his truth after he passes. That’s what I’m picking up from Spirit. Don’t shoot the messenger.

  4. So funny that this would post today, as I am actually seeing the film later this afternoon. Yeah, its pretty much a “dud” by box office standards but I will judge it once I’ve screened it. In addition to COVID-influenced reticence to go to the movies and the fact that wholesome subject matter doesn’t drive movie traffic, I’m not sure if mass audiences are sold on Denzel “the director” OR MBJ as a lone box office draw…

  5. I like how he comes across.. I find him to be grounded n unpretentious..n Boi his body is WICKED.

  6. MBJ has never been a box office draw. He let the success of Panther go to his head when that was an assemble cast and a film by Disney.

    1. As my friend put it and gave me an epiphany moment, it’s the ‘cartoonist features’. He’s sexy, but looks like a cartoon. You can add beardless drake to that club as well.

    2. To be honest, I agree. He is handsome but I don’t get all the hype, and as far as his tail, my own cakes are much nicer than his. Heck, Dallas Wade and I could do a collab together and be twinning. But back to the subject, MBJ…He’s never really impressed me. Even when it comes to his acting he’s mediocre. His build and connections are what get him roles.

    3. He do it Fah me! I luv his full ass lips & big smile, and my absolute favorite feature on a black man is a boxy forehead and square jaw! 😩 add the full hairline and dimples…this man could beat me DOWN!

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