are we in an abusive relationship with the cdc?

remember in that walking dead episode during the first season?
they got to the cdc,
some of those folks said it would be safe to stay there,
and some of them ended up getting blown up to smithereens?

even in fiction
ya’ll can listen to them if ya’ll want to but in my opinion,
they don’t know WHAT they are talmbout.
remember they told us to take off our masks and run wild if we are vaxxed?
they said folks can ( x only quarantine for 5 days compared to 10 days ).
 they are fighting back now after ya’ll kicked up a lot of dust about it…

On Wednesday, Dr. Rochelle Walensky pushed back on the criticism, saying the new guidelines don’t require testing at the end of isolation because PCR tests for Covid can be positive for up to 12 weeks, long after a person is no longer infectious.

“We also don’t know that antigen testing is a good indication of transmissibility at this stage of infection,” she said at the White House briefing. “On the other hand, we know that after five days, people are much less likely to transmit the virus and that masking further reduces the risk.”

She said “we must adapt” as the virus has also “proven its ability to adapt quickly.”

In one interview with CNN’s “New Day,” Walensky said the new guidelines “really had a lot to do with what we thought people would be able to tolerate.”

We have seen relatively low rates of isolation for all of this pandemic,” she said. “Some science has demonstrated less than a third of people are isolating when they need to.”

Walensky also called the previous guidance “conservative,” saying the vast majority of viral transmission happens in the first five days of infection.

“This was really a way to tell people: Make sure you isolate in those first five days, when you’re maximally infected,” she told NBC on Wednesday.

don’t even get me started on biden giving us his ass to kiss before he bounced:

isn’t it terrifying that even vaxxed folks are getting it bad?

at this point,
i’m ready to join the metaverse.
i think thats the only place i can meet and mingle with a wolf these days.
i’m hearing vr porn is the new “in” thing the folks are getting into.
it seems like black mirror is looking more and more like a documentary.

lowkey: this is real talk…


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7 thoughts on “are we in an abusive relationship with the cdc?

  1. I have NEVER seen this much fuckery from ” smart” people in my lifetime. It’s fair to say NOT ONE FUCK understands this virus ..after 2 fucking years of this shit. Secondly, all the smart heads are doing their own thing. Nothing is coherent or cohesive. 50 States doing 50 different things. Countries doing their own thing…nothing or no one is unified..WTF and this pandemic is supposed to be international…just shows how we are so divided and insular.

    Unscrupulous fuckers are happy the virus is raging as they make more money and everyone is ok with that. The ONLY reason why this is all happening and on the news ALL FUCKING DAY is this virus is fucking up white people. If it were like the start of the Aids pandemic which started out in the black community no one would have given a fuck about it. FACTS 😳 There is talk already why Africans are not dying like Europeans and North America 🤗 Well I can answer that …It’s payback time Mother fuckers 😂😂😂

    Protect yourself. It’s clear there is an agenda and there are forces working behind the scenes to prolong this shit. Protect yourself. Be smart. Don’t fall into the panic party goers and get hysterical. Stay clam. Avoid crowds. Do you and only those you trust , which is a few, to be around you. Otherwise fuck everyone else.

    1. There is talk already why Africans are not dying like Europeans and North America 🤗 Well I can answer that …It’s payback time Mother fuckers 😂😂😂

      I always found it funny how whites who take over land due to needing more space, have access to the best healthcare, medicine and technology and therefore have longer lives…

      find a way to blame “overpopulation” on poor Black people in the hood and in Africa.

      Even gay men do it saying Black men have too many “bastard” children and it’s like…”How long will they live before drugs, guns or jail takes them out?”

      But hey, whatever white people say…must be right…right?

  2. Most of these hoodlums weren’t following CDC guidelines anyway, so I’m confused at the outrage of their new recommendation.

    I bet all these geighs on twitter talking about they’ll be home on NYE will be at somebody’s club without a mask, twerking and bending over for some loose booty trade at the STROKE of Midnight 🥴

    1. ^i think people will end up destroying us tbh.
      humans will continuously fuck this up and have us back at square one.
      i think the 5 day thing sounds sketchy because some of these folks are idiots and will do the absolutely most to fuck it up.

      1. And
        I never see Fauci with a mask on, or Rachelle/ Rochelle Walensky with one either. Fauci and the CDC are into some Dr Shrinker bullshit.
        If you live in the South, it’s fuckville already because none of these little dick Caucasoid governor’s were following guidelines.
        Add that into all these musty butt garbage bin mouths toxic soup servers coughing and walking defiantly thru Walmart unmasked.
        Biden and all these folks are too damn old and outta touch and should just go away.

  3. We are in the middle of a pandemic. None of us has experienced this in our lifetimes. We’re all just figuring it out as we go, including the CDC. We know how this disease is spread and how long it takes to recover. I think it’s best to take that info and use a little common sense to do what’s best for ourselves.

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