we’re number one!!!!!!!! woot woot!!!!

america is number 1.
no seriously,
we are number one because

the world record guys!
how amazing is this?
let’s thank the american people for making this accomplishment possible.


the fact that over 400k people in this country alone have the rona is mind-boggling.
what number will we be after the holidays?

I predict 800k.

at this rate,
the rona is gonna mutate into a damn teenage mutant ninja turtle villian.

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “we’re number one!!!!!!!! woot woot!!!!”

    The sense of entitlement and rebellion possessed by the citizens of this 3rd world s hole is the reason for this distinction.
    And assholes at Burger King in NYC storming the place unmasked isn’t helping. It’s sick. And now Trump wants to tell one and all that vaccines are good. It is the irony of the century.🤬

    1. ^ we’re number 1!
      we’re number 1!

      such a proud moment for this country!
      almost everyone is sick and they still want to push new years in time square!
      what a time to be alive.

  2. I wear a mask around everybody ( even my mother).

    I got Vaccinated in April and the booster in November.

    I do not go to social gatherings , bars, family ,Etc.

    I HAVE NEVER GOT COVID!! ( Thank God!! )

    I I pray that I do not get it and that there are no side effects down the road from the Vaccine.( That’s the chance I took and will accept ) I have not got sick , hospitalized or worse)

    Please folks do your best to avoid catching it . If you got it once avoid getting it again !!!

    Just because you survived it with minor complications doesn’t mean it wont have a long term effect [ This is a new disease/viral infection ]

    1. No surprise.
      1. The weather is Rona”s sweetheart
      2. Americans are TIRED of this Rona so they have opened the flood gates
      3. The UNvacced will continue to pile up and be infected
      4. The vacced will continue to be surprised that they have the Rona and don’t give a damn
      5. Americans will spread the Rona as they travel the length and breath of the World
      Happy New Year 🙄.

  3. The U.S. is basically a continent made up of a bunch of small, 99.9% INDEPENDENT countries conveniently called states, that become one country when we need to dominate by numbers (see title of article above) or go to war. So, now S. Dakotans and NYers are ‘one ppl’…

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