bonfire of the un-vaxxed (my burned biscuits on an open flame)

Do you know what really just burns my biscuits,
I’ll font you…

i understand that some people don’t trust the vax.
i get it.
it’s a brand new medicine that was released quickly to try to combat the rona.
the un-vaxxed love making jokes like:

“Ya’ll put that poison in you!”
“Ya’ll sat up here and trusted that jab and it doesn’t even work.”
“Un-vaxxed, un-bothered, and un-affected by whatever was in that.”

this is the part that really annoys me…

People are scared.
We see folks dying from a damn plague on the news.
A vaccine is revealed that is supposed to protect us from death.

Why is so funny to hear that it “doesn’t work”?

wtf were people supposed to do?
that isn’t something to make as bragging rights.
at the end of the day,
if this ends up being a wash,
the un-vaxxed will be left here to deal with this shit alone.
you know they all gonna turn on each other.

on one side,
they don’t take the jab and are exposed to something that could potentially kill them.
on another side,
they take the jab and are at risk of whatever side effects come with it.
it’s really bizarre to hear un-vaxxed be so ignorant about it.
it’s this shaming that people wanted to protect themselves.

Am I wrong for thinking this?

thats it.
*throws burnt biscuits in the trash*

lowkey: the vaxx shouldn’t be bragging either.
as we can see from all the vaxxed folks falling victim to the omarion omicron,
i think everyone needs to shut the fuck up.
at this point,
we are all doomed.

12 thoughts on “bonfire of the un-vaxxed (my burned biscuits on an open flame)

  1. One of the vaccine deniers was arguing the the Vaccinated and Unvaccinated were catching covid. A Doctor snapped back on Twitter that he and Serena Williams can both play tennis. Meaning one is good and one is not. My money’s on Serena. Get the shot

  2. It’s the unmasked, and chin maskers, for me.

    The vaxx was based on the SARS vaxx. The only reason for all of the debate is that ppl enjoy being caught up in the water cooler debating. Poor white ppl are running around unvaxxd because of idiot Republicans, and blk ppl all ‘had heard’ _____ about the vaxx from their friend’s sister’s brother in law’s cousin.

    ‘We’ give ppl too much credit. Most of our society is not that intelligent.

    1. ^ ^ ^ That part
      “Most society is not that intelligent”…

      I really didn’t want to come to that conclusion , but I believe you are correct dear sir,

  3. Y’all are still disparaging the unvaccinated yet don’t want to be disparaged in return. It’s the hypocrisy for me.
    The unvaccinated have been ostracized and blamed FALSELY but yall expect them to be on mute to spare your feeling. Do you check your ilk? Where were your “the vaccinated needs to shut up and sit down, stop harassing them” post? Mhmmm.
    The vaccinated people who were nasty towards the unvaccinated deserve every bit of this blowback. It is what it is and I don’t feel bad about it.
    The fully vaccinated NBA, NFL, cruise ships, apple stores & restaurants yet still closing and shutting down. Whew what a time to be alive. If people had been more humble perhaps the unvaccinated wouldn’t have so much to say. The horrible behaviored vaccinated people are not victims. Save it.

  4. I have come a long way. I cannot print how bad my thoughts and feelings were about the “Un-Vaccinated”. Today I simply see them as ignorant and hope they will become enlightened somehow. Unfortunately, Covid and the spreaders will always be here so I simply protect myself and encourage people around me take precautions.

    I just wish they simply stay home when they fall ill and stop clogging up the healthcare system .

    1. That’s true. All you can do is worry about yourself. Some people are committed to being stupid

  5. The Shot is keeping people from Dying. Cases are breaking thru but they are doing a pass poor job of informing what the vaccine is doing. It’s keeping you alive if you get infected. You are much more likely to die if you catch it and don’t have the shot. The majority of people hospitalized and the ones that are dying mostly refused the free shot. Unfortunately I can’t afford to infect my family because of cancer and heart issues so I’m pro shot.

    1. Your LYING I’ve been an er nurse for 18yrs..I am unvaccinated I am medically exempt I’ve had the Corona/common cold once and never vaxx have no idea what you did to yourself! All vaxxer are in my emergency rooms…the unvaccinated are taking theraflu 🤣 and are fine..the only viruses going around is the stupidity of humans…BUT HEY THERE IS MONEY TO BE MADE OFF OF YOU😷🤣🤣

  6. The complacency and stone faced mugging of the unmasked and unvaxxed.
    Sugar kills, yet people trust Sonic, McDonalds, BK and sundry others when they inhale milkshakes, apple pies, Hershey bars, twix. The salt on fries and what’s sprinkled on burgers are all a slow kill.
    Children are fed this shit all day long, breakfast, lunch and dinner; but they say
    ” I don’t know what’s in that shot so I ain’t letting my chiiild get it”.
    The mudkickers in my state are beneath contempt. A hard head makes a sore ass.

    1. ^its so bizarre.

      i’m not getting the shot but i’m eating unhealthy and consuming alcohol and drugs daily.
      what’s happening with the world?!

    2. @ Khalil31 totally feeling this comment! We inhale on a daily basis known poisons gleefully and even pay for them…and this is only talking about food!
      What about the illegal substances and even legal prescription substances we imbibe???
      We’ve all seen…heard the commercials…you may be entitled to compensation if…side effects may include but not limited too…yet we are making a ruckus about a vaccination while doing most or all the above…I’m confused.

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