trey songz continues to be allegedly deep up in mo shit

trey songz has had a very confusing career recently.
he went from being a sex symbol,
black lives matter activist,
promoting black love,
having a baby with someone other than a black vixen,
opened up a really wack onlyfans,
videos with him fighting randoms,
and now being taken to task with allegations of sexual assault.

does he even make music anymore?
well here is the latest in “what has trey songz done now?” that is sweeping the social forests…


it was so bad,
he had rooms on clubhouse talmbout these latest allegations.

it was simple
and to the point tho.
does “see you in 2022” mean she is about to bring her wrath and receipts down on him?

ya know,
i was never shy about lusting tremaine,
but he has been doing some weird shit that has confused me into non-interest.
i don’t know who he pissed off in the industry,
but his “protection” seems to be over.

You know when you are loved or “the cash cow” in the industry,
you can literally get away with murder and someone will clean it up.
Think Olivia Pope.

whoever that was for him has clearly left his side.
is trey songz going out the same way r. kelly did?
the crazy part is:

This mofo isn’t even on anyone’s radar atm!

you’d think he was making music or doing something productive.
the last time we even heard his name was —- > here
222 might be the year of his alleged takedown cause it seems these vixens are talking.
i hope he is “ready“.

lowkey: ima need trey songz to not be going out bad.
why doesn’t he ever speak out about these allegations when they happen?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “trey songz continues to be allegedly deep up in mo shit”

  1. This has been a long time coming. remember when Keke Palmer was crying in the closet because she was afraid of him, and people clowned her. in the dawn of a new year her story looks a lot more serious.

  2. It is just something about his energy that seems rude and nasty, he appears to have some deep insecurities that I think stem from the fact that deep down he knows that his looks have taken him further than his talent and now that he is older that is not even working for him, I can not even remember the last song or hit record he has had in at least the past 5 years. He probably just like R. Kelly has some unresolved childhood trauma we are not aware of that is making him act out especially against women. I just have always sense a dark side to him that his pretty boy image cant hide. If women are coming forward I can only imagine all of the women who have stayed quiet or been payed off to keep his depraved behavior quiet. 2022 I guess will be no different in delivering long awaited Karma for some of these bad actors out here like 2020 and 2021 did.

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