rest in power rose nylund aka betty white

you know what foxhole?
when i feel something random in my spirit,
it is usually leading me to an answer.
all this week,
i have been thinking about betty white.
it started with me wondering how she was doing and led to me watching “rose nylund” videos.
that is her legendary character in “golden girls”.
this is legit the last one i watched:

my girl passed today.
she was the last standing from the golden quartet.
“golden girls” got me through the beginning of the panny.
it’s one of my comfort shows because my family loved it growing up in barbados.
i don’t feel sad because she lived a long and fulfilling life.
99 ain’t no easy thing to get to but betty made it that far.
below are her secrets to living a long life…

starts at 7:51:

thank you betty for your work that will forever live on.
you are an st. olaf legend (whew i cried when i wrote that part).
may you rest peacefully in heaven’s glory.


lowkey: i couldn’t NOT play the theme song during this entry…

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6 thoughts on “rest in power rose nylund aka betty white”

  1. So, I just wanted to say the whole Betty White thing is so weird to me, at first, I can’t even lie hearing of her passing made me sad, but how can you truly be sad for someone who lived to be 99 years old and lived a seemingly good life. I think part of it is the fact that the Golden Girls was such an iconic TV show that cut across racial and gender lines, I went to an HBCU, and you had black men watching the Golden Girls in the dorm.
    I also find it eerie , the fact that everyone was celebrating her 100th birthday as though they knew for a fact that it was a sure thing, I’m not ascribing anything to Betty White, but it was almost as though society at large was playing with GOD, and now when you walk by the current magazines you see these covers and articles that were printed in anticipation of an event that wont really happen as intended.

    The one good thing is that like Cicely Tyson, you saw Betty White get her flowers while she was still here. In our society we really don’t celebrate the older people as we should, I want to see Marla Gibbs (age 90, from the Jeffersons and 227), John Amos ( age 82), James Earl Jones ( age 90), Jenifer Lewis ( age 65), Tim Reid (age 77) , Jackee Harry ( age 65) and Laurence Fishburne ( age 60) get there flowers while there still here.

  2. Among the many cool things about her, I love that she stood up to Southern white racists back in the early 1950s when they wanted her to take a Black dancer off her show and instead, she gave him more airtime and told the stations and sponsors to “live with it.” There’s so many other things that made her stand out as an exemplary person, but I also appreciate when someone you don’t expect to stands up to real power, at the risk of their career, to do the right thing. RIP Betty White

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