saucy santana gets a good foxhole bangin’ leakage to finish out 2021?

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i don’t know much about saucy santana.
i didn’t watch anything he was on so i don’t know his start.
he is someone i’d see pop up and i know that he makes music:

his latest with city girls:

he has some leakage with his back getting banged out

i mean he did say he was working on a grammy,
while pussy poppin’ with cha manz in miami.
if that is him,
he can take a good pounding.
his tail looks nice and round too.
the type of tail the dl wolves love to get up inside.
i can only imagine the type of wolves that santana bags.

i love when some males act uncomfortable with the saucy santana type of foxholers,
but will be in texts and dms trying to get a piece.
don’t let them hooked either.
that’s a whole nother conversation for another day and…


it wasn’t santana.
he went to the shade room quick to squash that rumor:


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i’m shocked he didn’t let it linger a few days,
build some hype,
promote a few of his songs,
and then address it after with the denial.
you know thats how the others like to do us when they get leakage.
this is the only “santana” in the said video:

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “saucy santana gets a good foxhole bangin’ leakage to finish out 2021?”

  1. Im dead, “anybody ever seen me in panties”, Jesus please bless those who have seen Santana in “panties” or naked. I know some like thick gwurls but there are some who were forced to see that so cover them and heal their eye sight for the devil is always working. In Jesus name, let the church say amen.

  2. I do not know, nor had heard or saw Saucy Santana, but I ❤️❤️❤️Ms. Thing for keeping it classy. He is obviously heading up, up, up career wise and didn’t want to be associated with leaked sextape garbage.
    Maxine Powell would be proud. Restraint is the essence of elegance. Kudos Saucy Santana.
    For all you who are making cute comments about panties, size and looks, keep on hating. Down South where I live, the wolves love their thickums. It’s about comfort and not always about skin and bones and six pack abs. Fat belly’s are in. Panache and personality counts. So kick ticks and kiss ass in 2022!🌹❤️

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