The Alleged Bae of Aaron Hernandez? (In Youtube Video?)

**now i’m smearing allegedly all over this entry.
this entry is not FACT,
but speculation from a foxholer’s perspective and sniffing.

so allegedly,
we have an alleged lead into who aaron hernandez might have been allegedly dating.
this is what a foxholer had to present for review

Boo Boo Kitty revealed?
His alleged longtime lover is Ryan McDonnell. He was also his personal assistant and high school classmate. Ryan McDonnell testified in the court proceedings as well. He also took a vacation with Hernandez to a tropical destination in Costa Rica for a week.

Go to @:27 in the video:


For those interested in the alleged Boo Boo Kitty’s testimony you can watch here @53:00 when he takes the stand.
He seems to have a nice body under those clothes.
if alleged,
Aaron and Boo Boo Kitty were probably versatile.
Just saying:-)

personal assistant.
that’s always been a good cover for:

“I’m fuckin’ him”

if the alleged is bae,
am i the only one disappointed he wasn’t black?
his fiance was black so…

well we don’t know for sure what the story is,
as bart simpson could be called into question next week,

but i’m sure the foxhole is on it.

lowkey: an alleged baecation to costa rica for a week?
this story…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “The Alleged Bae of Aaron Hernandez? (In Youtube Video?)”

  1. LOL yaas… I don’t like mess but I’m here for this.

    Jamari – as I stated in another thread you can watch Boo Boo Kitty’s testimony here @53:00 when he takes the stand.
    He has a nice booty btw πŸ™‚

    Watch as the prosecutor slowly peels away at his “alleged” intimate relationship with Aaron Hernandez. He also states how he was suddenly unemployed at the time he was hanging out with Aaron and given a job as “personal assistant”

  2. This high school friend does not seem like type Aaron would hang around with. The personalities does not appear to be the same, which is a red flag. If evidence surfaces that Ryan is gay, this could become worse.

    S/N: If the alleged is true, Ryan is a cutie for real, that smile.

  3. If this is the alleged bae, who is the one on suicide watch in prison?!
    And which one was the money left to?! Lol

    1. You know how you men areπŸ˜‚ he probably has a prison bae(suicide watch) and home bae (left money)

      1. Not ALL men! I’ve never cheated on anyone I’ve been in a relationship with, male or female. I can’t say the same for THEM…but me, they can NEVER say that about me.

        That being said, dude must’ve really been feeling him. Suicide watch, I can’t imagine.
        I’ve loved a person hard, but once I got screwed over, I got over it fast. I couldn’t see myself ending my life for that person, though.

  4. Chile….this tea is piping hot!!! (Pun intended) This has got all the drama and plot twists of the reality show we’ve been craving! The masculin, rich, DL, athletic wolf, the personal assistant fox and their alleged bae-cations….keep pouring Jamari. Love it!!!

    1. I am glad Kerry was menstioned on the video but Russell Wilson gay? Since when and where’s the evidence???please somebody help me here cause damn I always wanted that fine ass dude.

      1. I was like all for it until they went to russell, lol, what type of propoganda bs is this lol.

        It doesn’t shock me that his side bae is white.

  5. he’s a cutie, if the info is true I feel bad for him because now he’s about to get all this publicity on him.

  6. Aaron’s funeral is at 1pm today.The paparazzi and press are going to be focused on Ryan now.After reading about the young couple ‘s suicide I am wondering how Ryan is coping.If he was bae, he is dealing with the loss of his loved one so I have empathy for him.I also have empathy for Aaron’s biological family.They are not responsible for his crimes.

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