The Two Cubs And The Tale of Their Suicides

“13 reasons why” on netflix touched with me tremendously.
the lead character who killed herself,
was a drama queen but it was a real ass story.
i found myself crying at times.
it made me see just what suicide can do to those who care about you.
well the following story broke my heart tonight.
it’s about two cubs,
both were in a relationship,
and both ended up killing themselves.
absolutely sad story brought to you via industry on blast

Mercedes Smith, 18, of Cincinnati, Ohio ended her life in her college dorm room in Columbia, Kentucky on Thursday, April 20, 2017.

The Lindsey Wilson College freshman student-athlete and communication major, was found unresponsive in McCandless Residence Hall early Thursday morning.

Mercedes was a member of the LWC track and field team. LWC track and field head coach Jamaine Gordon said Mercedes had a vibrant personality that lit up the room.

“Mercedes was a good-spirited person who showed promise in her future,” said Gordon. “She was a fun and loving person and everyone enjoyed being around her. She will be truly missed.”

Mercedes boyfriend and father of her unborn child, Markeice Brown, 17, was distraught over her loss and he left a 8-minutes-long tearful goodbye to his family and friends on Facebook along with the note. Markeice said they both didn’t get the support they needed. He was reportedly blamed for her death and harassed online. He said he wasn’t allowed to go to her funeral so he would go to her instead. On Saturday, April 22, he ended his life.

this is the alleged note he left on ( x facebook ):

and this is his final video before he allegedly jumped from a fire escape:

i just bawled.
we really need to address mental health within the black community.
this is why i use this outlet to express about what i’m dealing with.
i have an amazing support system outside of this,
but other things i feel the foxhole would be better equipped to handle.
i have no other font for this story.
i hope they both rip.
this is a flipgram of the both of them:

lowkey: i will font this…


…and they play this role,
but know nothing about what it really means to be a friend.

If you have any of them in your life,
get rid of them today.


story taken: industry on blast

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “The Two Cubs And The Tale of Their Suicides”

  1. I gotta refrain from jumping to conclusions because just like in “13 Reasons Why” the truth depends on the perspective of the person you’re talking to and the info they’re privy to.

    Callous as it sounds we’re all dealing with our own shit, so hinging whether you want to live or die based on whether the people in your life are there for you at some arbitrary time is shortsighted and self centered.

    This is all coming from someone who has been depressed and suicidal. I had to learn rely on me! No one was going to save me or talk me out of being suicidal.

    I will say it doesn’t seem like they were very healthy for each other.

    1. ^yes,
      but there are those who claim they will be there for you and ignore you when you try to reach out.
      it has happened to me.
      thank God I didn’t depend on those people for my happiness or even trust them enough with that task.
      others are crying out for help or suffering in silence.
      this is a very tricky subject all around.
      we do need to love each other more tho.
      Sometimes a small gesture can mean a lot to someone who is on the edge.

    2. I don’t hinge my actions on those around me, family or friends. I’ve always been the one to sit back and observe people. Out of my siblings, they tell me I am most like our father, who used to do the same. Sit back and observe people/things. Over time I learned that your actions will show whether you are someone to deal with or someone to keep it moving with, be you family member or close friend.

      I’ve had to do a major cleansing of family and friends, and although I have been called every name in the book, I do not regret my actions. Their loss not mine, because they showed me that my presence in their lives was for what I could do/give them, but that moment I needed someone’s assistance…you could hear crickets chirping. Taking my life over another person, I’ve never even thought about that. Now I’ve been depressed when I lost my father, grandparents, nephew, and best friend, but taking my own life was never an option.

      I don’t know about suicidal thoughts, and I don’t pretend to know either. I just know that it’s something that has thankfully never crossed my mind. I recently found out a friend of mine was suicidal around Christmas, and when he told me I was a bit upset with him. I told him that all he had to do was pick up the phone and say whatever was on his mind, pour out his heart if he needed to, but killing himself would make a lot of people included. He promised me that if he ever got depressed like that again he would call me. Maybe I can help him, maybe not. But I damn sure will try my best.

      May these two rest in piece, and my condolences to their families…but we have to do better. Mental illness is a stigma we have to get past/over. ESPECIALLY men, BLACK, LATINO, or WHITE! It doesn’t make you look weak. Those are ideas from the stone ages of our parents mental process. You don’t get help, your life can spiral out of control. It can go from anger, depression, abuse, and even death. There is nothing wrong with seeking the help of a professional. It made me realize I had faults, I had issues, and I was human.

      I wish people could understand that and stop worrying about what people will think of them if they do seek help.

  2. I watched this from day one and you can feel the love they had for each other. They was just two kids lost they whole life revolved around what people think of them and maintaining an image. It cost them their souls and their life. Where ever they are I hope they are together. Suicide is wrong no matter the situation because, I believe that is GOD word not to do it. But no one knows what is on the other side but, the people on the other side. My heart hurts for them. Wish I knew them could of been there to talk to them build up there spirits. It is sad, very sad. If you was not him and her then you do not know a 100% of what was going on with them so stop judging. Never say Never…poor babies

  3. Just so sad, I am at a loss. Maybe it was the pressure of upcoming finals, papers, schoool, sports, I don’t know. Also, I hope this shows that cyberbullying has real consequences. My heart goes out to both families

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