Meet Aaron Hernandez Alleged Prison Hubz!

well it isn’t bart simpson,
as i mentioned in the last entry,
but it’s “bart simpson adjacent”.
so they have revealed the alleged prison hubz of aaron hernandez.
he doesn’t look anything like the alleged “high school bae”,
but he does give the “right up aaron’s alley”.
take that how you will.
here is what he looks like via the daily mail

The mystery prisoner who  Aaron Hernandez wrote to before his shocking suicide is a 22-year-old man jailed for a knife point robbery at a gas station near his home, can exclusively reveal.

Kyle Kennedy was the last person to see the former New England Patriot alive and is now on suicide watch inside the maximum security Souza-Baranowski Corrections Center, sources say.

He is the man to whom Hernandez gave a $50,000 watch and other property shortly before he took his life.

CBS’s Boston affiliate reported that Hernandez had given his jailhouse lover’s family a $50,000 watch before his suicide. The station did not say which member of the family received the watch. exclusively reported last week that Hernandez, 27, who was found dead hanging from a bed sheet in his cell early on Wednesday morning last week, left three suicide notes.

In an online profile on the website Write A Prisoner, Kennedy described his sexual orientation as ‘straight.’

you know what kyle reminds me of?
the gays that try to look like “thugs” on like,
jack’d or bgc,
do it to lure “masculine” wolves to them.
they’ll dress in overly thuggish fur,
they got “bisexual” as their orientation,
take strategic pics with weed or a water gun,
and font real hoodlike.
the profile intro beez like:

“dl kat lookin for other dl kats to smoke wit

it’s all so they can bag what many call “trade”.
they are usually foxes and they usually end up getting some pipe.

you all know the types i’m talmbout.
we have all spoken to that type before.
that is the dls or “new to this” first experience on a chat/sex site.

well i can see aaron connecting with a “kyle”.
he didn’t look like an act and was about that life.
4real 4real.
i bet they had a lot of “thug life” stuff to talk about.
kyle must have really had a lot of alleged love for aaron.
he is losing his shit after his suicide.
i wonder if he will share what aaron said to him before he took his life?
will be “loyalty, loyalty, loyaltyyyy”?
either way:

Will the next scandal in this story please stand up!

shouts to the f-bi and vix-bi keeping up updated with this story!

lowkey: i wonder how the alleged “high school bae” feels about alleged “prison hubz”?

article taken: the daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Meet Aaron Hernandez Alleged Prison Hubz!”

  1. …if the d is so good that I’m on damn suicide watch once I realize I can’t get it anymore…I DONT WANT IT. I’ll suffice just watching the boys get their brains effed out in the movies. LOL

  2. This saga boy I tell ya…I wonder whatever gang he was affiliated with think about all these revelations….

    1. That’s what I don’t understand. If you’re in a gang isn’t homosexuality grounds for you getting killed/beat down? I mean I know dudes get down on the low when they’re not around others, but if it gets out, and it’s even SUSPECTED behavior, you generally can get fucked up behind that mess. My cousin who is a CO at Rikers says that a lot of guys get hurt bad behind that kind of behavior…if it’s found out.

      I’m fascinated by the BiLatinMen website. Supposedly a lot of the guys on there are gang members or former gang members, but here they are fucking on camera for all the world to see. How do they get away with that?!

      Interesting all around…and messy.

  3. High school bae was actually cute this one is…..well he looks like he would have been on harlem hookup w/ the rest of the trashy white guys that he likes to bring to his porn channel.

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