Jesse Williams: From #activistbae To #divorcebae ?

shocked i say!
this is one couple who i figured would stay together for the long run.
then i think how i need to get with it.
so jesse williams and his (soon to be x) wife,
aryn drake-lee,
are allegedly headed to splitsville.
this is what ny daily news has to say…

Jesse Williams and his wife Aryn Drake-Lee are pulling the plug on their five-year marriage.

The “Grey’s Anatomy” star split from Drake-Lee last week, sources told TMZ.

It’s not clear who filed for divorce first, but the outlet reported that the breakup is amicable.

According to the Jasmine Brand, Williams and Drake-Lee, a real-estate broker, have been separated for quite some time and were hoping to keep the divorce under the radar. They wed in September 2012 after dating for five years.

The pair is parents to two children, son Maceo and daughter Sadie.

…did i mention i was shocked?
i bet the ones who felt offended by his bet awards speech are laughing.
his divorce has nothing to do with his activism.
him getting with some snow bunny tho…


there was ( x a blind item ) allegedly about him and minka kelly.
i mean we can’t stop a newly single wolf from deep diving in new pussy,
but it would be a bit contradictory if it was with anything “other”.
make your next choices smart ones jesse.

article taken: ny daily news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Jesse Williams: From #activistbae To #divorcebae ?”

  1. seems like everybody getting divorced. Like Marriage for the straights doesn’t seem to truly be the endgoal they say it is.

      1. Like ours are? Gay/Straight people in the end are people and will always find a way a lot of time to mess up a good thing or go into a thing that is not good to begin with!

  2. A mother is a son’s first love.His mother is white.😂
    His Instagram is probably about to crash from all the DMs.I have never seen so many black women celebrating a divorce.People already thought his attractiveness was wasted on his “plain Jane ” wife.

    I hope they will have an amicable divorce and not fight over the kids.

      1. I was JOKINGLY addressing people who are criticizing him for possibly dating a white woman.As in why shouldn’t he date a white woman if he wants to,he came “out of a ” white woman?

    1. Bingo to ur first sentence! A lot of women and men gonna be pressed if the Minka Kelly rumor is true but even in my own observation a lot of interracial pairings involve a biracial guy whose mom is white and hence he has an innate attraction to white women. And if the alleged is true it’ll be interesting to see how it’ll effect his career. Reminds me of an earlier post where Jamari posed the question of how seriously we take public activists who don’t stick to black.

    2. I really hope he doesn’t go white but I wouldn’t be surprised a lot of woke black men and non-woke black men tend to want snow bunnies. :/ but hopefully the split is peaceful because I know they’ll use that as a message against dating black and to belittle him.

  3. Oh Jesse,Jesse,Jesse…He filed for the divorce, doesn’t want to pay spousal support and wants joint custody.Now I have to find the interview where he said she kept the family afloat when he was broke working as a bartender and part time teacher.Well TMZ says they don’t have a pre nup,if he cheated I hope she cleans his ass out.She didn’t want to move to Cali but did it for his career.Didn’t know she was just a starter wife.
    His IG comments and Minka ‘s comments are in shambles.

  4. Sorry, Im not buying it. Until he confirms, its all rumors. He’s an outspoken activist, and a black man. The media will conjure up anything to bring him down. And look at all the people turning on him. Thats what they want. “the woke black man who cheated on his black queen with a white woman.” We are so quick to believe anything the media puts up. Give this brother the benefit of a doubt.

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