onlyfans has banned something that made all the sex workers cry in unison

i won’t lie but there is a thrill of having sex outside.
doing something you shouldn’t be doing is exciting af.
i’d be turned on if my manz asked me to do something out of our norm.
( x this video never fails to not turn me on )
i love that aggressive shit.
the thrill of not being able to moan your entire head off >
well ever since ya’ll got onlyfans accounts,
ya’ll been taking outside sex into overdrive.
onlyfans heard ya’ll tho and…

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2021 is looking like the year of the reset.
after a year like 2020,
where we were forced to sit with ourselves,
it seems 2021 is when we start over.
i’m hoping that we are officially on an upward turn.
it seems likedonald trump might officially be outta here.
zuckerberg got him up offa facebook:

and it looks like twitter is doing the same…

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“12 Years A Clipper” No More (Massa Gone)

bannedbanned fo’ life.
no participating in any nba activities.
2.5 million fine.
a commissioner who wants to SEE the clippers owned by someone else.
donald sterling is what you would call: cooked.
kudos to everyone who came together to get this slave master up and out.
god i love a good take down.
turns me on.

lowkey: i read the nba was gonna have some real ruckus if this slave owner wasn’t evicted.
the baller wolves was not playing with this one.

( x king james and the miami heat did their own protest )