“12 Years A Clipper” No More (Massa Gone)

bannedbanned fo’ life.
no participating in any nba activities.
2.5 million fine.
a commissioner who wants to SEE the clippers owned by someone else.
donald sterling is what you would call: cooked.
kudos to everyone who came together to get this slave master up and out.
god i love a good take down.
turns me on.

lowkey: i read the nba was gonna have some real ruckus if this slave owner wasn’t evicted.
the baller wolves was not playing with this one.

( x king james and the miami heat did their own protest )

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on ““12 Years A Clipper” No More (Massa Gone)”

    1. ^this was the talk of new yawk today.
      i mean this has the biggest scandal in a while.
      if that man commits suicide,
      it honestly would not shock me.
      for people like him,
      money is nothing.
      it is all about power and he is pretty powerless right now.

  1. I am proud of commissioner, Adam Silver, and his punishment against Donald Sterling. He gave him the maximum punishment all the way around. However, there is work that is still needed to be done. The owners have to vote him out, which I expect to happen in the next couple of months. It will not happen right away, it is a process, so people will have to be patient. You know, Donald Sterling is the reason why the Clippers have been in the hole for the past three decades. He was so stuck in his beliefs all those years, that he did not want to spend money to sign African Americans that would have made the team better. His win percentage for the past three decades is 37%, the worst in the league, and he did not care. When he did sign black players back in the day, he gave them a minimum salary, under 1 mil from what I heard. He was at the top of his throne, and as long as his pockets were filled, he did not care one bit. Every time I hear banned for life, I laugh my ass off. It is just music to my ears. Donald Sterling is banned…..from the NBA for life, not just the Clippers organization.

    How will the Clippers respond tonight is the question?

    LMAO@the post title.

  2. I borderline have an issue with this… Do I think what he said was wrong.. Yes. However, I find it absolutely crazy that in the world we live in you can not only say or feel however you want, but if you feel that way people feel that you should be punished. This is a free country, and he doesn’t have to like black people. People of every race say things behind closed doors that they don’t think other people will hear all the time. When it comes to civil issues, this is basically unlawful, a person is entitled to feel any way they please. So do I think he should be banned forever, no, because that’s stupid. As a community this isn’t a win, all it is is now we feel like we are doing something because we caught somebody red handed, this isn’t something new, it’s been going on for years. And if it was such an issue to the players none of them should’ve played at all, but they weren’t gonna miss those checks, or put those contracts in jeopardy, so they still shucked and jived for the coin, like so many of us do every damn day. So for me what it all boils down to, is if you don’t want problems of this sort, buy your own teams, start your own businesses, work for you, be self employed. Until then every thing said is null and void

    1. The NBA was not a party to the invasion of his privacy and they learned about the same way everyone else did, through the media.

      The NBA is not a part of the government so this is not first amendment issue. So there is no violation of his freedom of speech.

      The 1st Amendment protects us from the government trying to censor us or punish us for expressing our views. Just the government and NOT private organizations. Freedom of Speech does not mean Freedom from consequences for saying something wrong. The NBA and any other private organization can punish people for saying things that can hurt their brand. It is part of what they collectively bargained for. Donald Sterling agreed to this at some point during his ownership of the team.

    2. He is not just racist, he discriminates also Richie. This man has a history of this type of behavior. Discrimination is an act against a group of people because they are apart of that particular group. You are going to have to look it up Donald’s history yourself, I do not feel like writing another paragraph tonight lol. I’ll just say this though, when a racist person is in a position of power and has control over another person’s employment status and income, they do not deserve to be in that position. I do not care what anyone says. Donald needed to be exposed.

  3. Well, this exposed the NAACP. The NAACP is worse than a joke. It’s a tragedy. It supposedly wants to represent “minorities” and not blacks. We should all know that the interests of “minorities” is not always 100% aligned with the interests of blacks.

    For example, in California “blacks” wanted the legislature to re-institute Affirmative Action (based on race, including the black race) as a factor in admission to state colleges and universities. Asian American organizations and persons saw increased black enrollments as leading to decreased Asian American enrollments and so fought against such a change. They won. No change was made. African Americans lost!

    For example, the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus and others push “immigration reform”. Such “immigration reform” would result in cementing illegal immigrants into jobs that could, would and should be held by African Americans–who are US citizens, unlike the illegal immigrants!. And in the US being a citizen should count for something! (See http://www.theroot.com/articles/politics/2010/02/how_illegal_immigration_hurts_black_america.html?utm_medium=feed&obref=obinsite and after reading the first two paragraphs you’ll realize that illegals have stolen millions of jobs from blacks.) The Mexican Americans/Hispanic Americans/Asian Americans are for such “immigration reform” as it would help their communities but hurt the African American community. It seems that the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus and others don’t mind working against the interest of blacks. Again the interests of blacks is not 100% aligned with the interest of other minority groups. And it is foolish to think that it always is!This is a set up to another loss for African Americans.

    Blacks–such as here on insidejamarifox.com–have made much hullabalu about the Donald Sterling/Los Angeles Clippers imbroglio but are mute about “immigration reform” and even “Affirmative Action” both of which is have and will have a much bigger impact on black communities! (By the way, if the courts say that Affirmative Action based on race is improper, why not push for Affirmative Action based on condition of previous servitude? That is, have Affirmative Action based on whether you had an ancestor that was a slave in the US. If you are Irish American, German American, Chinese American, African American or Nigerian American, if you had an ancestor that was a slave in the US, then you qualify for Affirmative Action. If you don’t have such an ancestor, then you don’t qualify for such Affirmative Action.) What’s wrong with this picture?

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