“12 Years A Clipper” No More (Massa Gone)

bannedbanned fo’ life.
no participating in any nba activities.
2.5 million fine.
a commissioner who wants to SEE the clippers owned by someone else.
donald sterling is what you would call: cooked.
kudos to everyone who came together to get this slave master up and out.
god i love a good take down.
turns me on.

lowkey: i read the nba was gonna have some real ruckus if this slave owner wasn’t evicted.
the baller wolves was not playing with this one.

( x king james and the miami heat did their own protest )

To Play or Not To Play (It Shouldn’t Be A Question)

necessities;_socks,_blackso the clippers team were left with a decision yesterday.
“to play or not to play?”.
you know.
that “racist scum donald sterling” showed his natural white racist ass.
well they decided to play,
but they did something different.
they wore their uniforms inside out and black socks.
um ok.
i personally wouldn’t have played.
i did like what president obama had to say about the situation…
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Did Laz Alonso Deserve This Scalping Tonight?

Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 11.48.31 PMthis was laz alonso’s tweets in regards to donald sterling tonight.
black twitter had what he was looking for.
his mentions look like absolute destruction.
personally i don’t agree with his comments.
donald sterling has a history that can’t be defended.
google is def his friend.
plus can’t no one bait you into being a racist.
laz needs to learn the art of “kitchen table” talk.
maybe even “happy hour” talk at a private table.
on lighter news however:
this is the most pr he has had in a while.

Donald Sterling: Modern Day Slave Owner?

RACISTdonald sterling,
the la clippers owner,
was just put ALL the way out there last night.
his girlfriend,
who happens to be mexican and black,
recorded a conversation with him where he was spewing all kinds of hatred about blacks.
who got it?
tmz of course.
it makes me wonder what the whites really think of us when our backs are turns?
well this may just be the “kitchen table talk” gone wrong…
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