Did Laz Alonso Deserve This Scalping Tonight?

Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 11.48.31 PMthis was laz alonso’s tweets in regards to donald sterling tonight.
black twitter had what he was looking for.
his mentions look like absolute destruction.
personally i don’t agree with his comments.
donald sterling has a history that can’t be defended.
google is def his friend.
plus can’t no one bait you into being a racist.
laz needs to learn the art of “kitchen table” talk.
maybe even “happy hour” talk at a private table.
on lighter news however:
this is the most pr he has had in a while.

17 thoughts on “Did Laz Alonso Deserve This Scalping Tonight?

  1. Has the tape been Authenticated? It’s been more than 24hrs, is the NBA still running on the BS line? If it was any player who said something disparaging to blacks and or white people, sponsors and the league will be calling for them to step down. Why is the new NBA commissioner so slow to react and his initial statement coming well over 8 hrs yesterday after the story broke on TMZ was meh to say the least.
    These are the same bosses who go above and beyond to check players with all types of fines whether their actions warrants or not. This is a serious case and you would think these folks have rules in place to stem out things like this.
    This isn’t the first time nor will it be the last. Sterling done this numerous times before.
    On the line of White men dating black women. This guy dated my very close girlfriend and he wanted to come between our friendship. yeah he was doing stuff for her but she wasn’t happy and he wanted me out of the picture. This is somebody I’m really close to, we have a joint business. Within a month of their relationship things got really tensed with us, I lay it down to her, ‘This guy is working to tear us apart…you better wake up’. A few days later it was over between them.
    For most of these men it is either a fantasy/fetish when it comes black women or they want to walk out on their women and doing so with a women of color will get their wife’s attention.

  2. Wait a sec! I always thought when you’re angry and yell that when your true feelings start to come out.

      1. Apparently Sterling sees black people as his slaves and we know historically the slave master doesn’t mix with the slaves except for a few privileged ones who are deemed worthy to be the bed warmers when the sun goes down.
        I am not shocked by his sentiment, a lot of white people think, feel the way he does. What I find more troubling in groups like the NAACP who sells their “honorary blacks” status to people who has a known history of discrimination against blacks, people of color. Just because he has a black/Mexican mixed girlfriend doesn’t men he like, sees black people as his equal..Fetishism maybe?..

        1. ^IFYOUASKMETO and your comment have rocked my weekend.
          did not know this is how some of the whites REALLY get down.
          here I am stanning for bobby d too.
          this is why I do my job and stay out the drama.
          my last job taught me how fast white people in power positions could turn on you.

  3. I completely disagree with him. I’m in control of myself to the point where I’d never say things I don’t mean during an argument. I curse like a sailor but it’s not racial slurs or anything of the sort. It’s a just a bunch of FUCK YOU and SHUT THE FUCK UP.

    You need some serious therapy if shit comes out of your mouth that you don’t mean in an argument. Even at my worst I would never stoop so low and insult or hate on an entire group of people. That sounds really foreign to me. Again, one should seek therapy of some kind if your mind reacts that way.

    Someone said that his girlfriend baited him into saying that stuff because she’s friends with Super Head, which means bad influence.

  4. Oh yeah also that many racist white men who marry black women don’t think that they are racist.

  5. Sorry I meant to say ” Many of those teenagers grew up to become republicans, CEO’s, and bosses who discriminate against blacks in politics, hiring practices, and in racial profiling.”

  6. “How can someone be married to someone who is black and be racist?” I guess in the same way that plantation owners could be in love with their slave mistress, and have children by them but own and run an institution that oppresses, violates, exploit, and kills her people everyday and generally looks at her as their property. The same principle applies to white suburban teenagers who are the primary consumers of Hip Hop but are racist as hell in their everyday dealings with African Americans. Many of those teenagers grew up to become republicans, CEO’s, and bosses who discriminate against blacks in politics, higher practices, and in racial profiling. In reality most of these racist white men who married black or biracial women will usually isolate them form their black family members and black friends.

    They could care less about African American Culture, and I think that Robert De Nero is a good example of this. His preference is African American women and all of his baby momma’s are black. De Nero made a racist comment about Mrs. Obama at a White house fund raiser two years ago, that prompted an apology from President Obama, he had a recent confrontation with Jay Z at a Tribeca film fest that he owns and sponsors, and he usually stars in racist movies.

  7. his fine ass, my baby daddy was tripping his blood sugar was low because he missed out on his two scoops of chocolate…ME!?!?!?! haha let me stop but he’ll learn just like they always do, not everything is meant to be on twitter…and there’s no such thing as overracting when a racist makes outlandish remarks such as these smh

    1. I feel you Malcolm. He just looks so good, and I have always wanted him.

      His statements were dead wrong tho, and he obviously doesn’t know the definition of racism.Sterling said the same remarks over and over, that’s not saying something in the heat of the moment.

  8. LOL wait for it…… his retraction saying “I did not mean that I meant this lol. Besides blktinos in general tend to have a different perspective on race and racism in this country. I am not way saying that his/their perspectives are correct,but I don’t think that he is trying to cater to any crowd in particular he like most C-list actor need to think before they speak.

    1. ^i hope he doesn’t think because he is cuban that he gets a pass.
      he is still BLACK and will be treated as such.
      black twitter may have brought him down to earth.

      1. LOL I doubt he will get a pass from any black folks for his comments since his main employers happen to be black lol. Laz is at that point in his career where his breakthrough to “A” list status isn’t going to happen, and he will probably be a C- list talent who is destine to end up starring in a Tyler Perry sitcom on OWN lol .” So I don’t think that he has done won’t do any long term damage or benefit to his career because of his tweets. Anyway Laz has already started to back peddle on his comments when he said “he was not trying to defend the character of someone who he don’t know.” He was probably subliminally voicing his own fears of being set up by one of his conquests gone wrong lol, besides he is a Virgo lol.

        I just think that Laz was trying to be deep, and thought provoking but he missed the boat completely lol and it is kind of troubling since he went to Howard University during the time when it was still somewhat extremely Afrocentric. So he should have been exposed to the history of race and racism in this country more so than African Americans who attend traditionally white universities. I personally know white men in the industry and in corporate American who are married to black or biracial women and they are racist as hell. Laz should just stick to acting and finance and leave the psycho-social commentary to the experts lol and clipper fans.

        1. ^or Draya.
          that was def a “Draya” comment.
          you said something that I have a question about…
          how can someone be racist,
          yet marry someone black?
          how does that work?

      2. “Laz is at that point in his career where his breakthrough to “A” list status isn’t going to happen, and he will probably be a C- list talent who is destine to end up starring in a Tyler Perry sitcom on OWN”

        *DEAD* Funny, but truth.

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