Did Laz Alonso Deserve This Scalping Tonight?

Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 11.48.31 PMthis was laz alonso’s tweets in regards to donald sterling tonight.
black twitter had what he was looking for.
his mentions look like absolute destruction.
personally i don’t agree with his comments.
donald sterling has a history that can’t be defended.
google is def his friend.
plus can’t no one bait you into being a racist.
laz needs to learn the art of “kitchen table” talk.
maybe even “happy hour” talk at a private table.
on lighter news however:
this is the most pr he has had in a while.

Lay Down Some Rubber: Baller Wolf Edition (30)

The Cuban


The VJ

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Jumping The Wolf

I jut got back from seeing this movie and it was pretty damn amazing.

The acting was great.
The plot was great.
The drama was even better.

But, it left me with a ton of thoughts on the way home.
I’m sure Al Green crooning through my speakers with “I’m Tired of Being Alone” didn’t help either.
So I have a question and it is one I am sure every Fox could co-sign with.

Where is he?

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