baiton thursday,
my vixen friend decided to surprise me at work.
even though i was tired dealing with the ( x byob ) all day,
she made sure i was coming out.
i realllllly wanted to go home and take a nap.
nah she wasn’t having it.
plus she had a car.
i like cars…

so we headed over to the hell’s kitchen to see what we could get into.
we didn’t have any idea of where we wanted to eat,
so she parked the car and we just walked around.
usually with walking around in new yawk,
you find something interesting.
we ended up at a nice little italian spot named esca.
esca in italian actually means “bait”.
the bait,
or food,
wasn’t expensive and the atmosphere was intimate.
a nice place to just talk about nothing in particular.
it was pretty packed,
but we got a nice seat somewhere in the back.

after an amazing dinner with some wine,
we decided to just walk around since the weather was perfect.
one thing i love is walking around the back neighborhoods of new yawk.
exploring and being baited into my imagination.
i often imagine living in the town houses,
and the gentrified lofts.
ones i’m sure you could afford selling meth.

giphywhat would it be like to live in them?
how would i decorate?
would i have curtains?
i can’t get with the “see all in my apartment” living.
being there makes me want more.
i deserve to live there.
star fox (rip) and i would have these late night talks about our futures.
i’d light a couple white candles and we would live through our imaginations.
it sounds weird to some,
but it made me want to live.
strive for more on the earth.
i’m tired of the hood honestly.
it’s a dead end.

4ovYq59i also noticed something about the area.
it seemed like a place wolves brought foxes they were dating on the low.
they were everywhere.
i mean it was a place you could get lost and not be found.
every block was a place to get to know someone better.
like the wolf and fox i got mesmerized with.
wolf was spanish.
you could not ignore his arms in his tight dress shirt.
he was probably a little younger than me.
mid 20s.
looked like he just got off work.
def my type.

tumblr_m0t0y8EELq1r5cm4qo1_500he looked nervous when he saw us walking towards them.
walking ahead of his equally cute fox.
fox had his head in his phone.
i didn’t get to see his face,
but he was letting his wolf lead.
in my mind,
they were headed towards esca for dinner.
i felt happy for them.
no need to hate on them.
i’m always happy for someone who can find someone for this world.
even if its for a second.
gives us hope out here.

either way,
i’m working towards my goals.
paying off some bills right now,
but i will be in a position to catch it all one day.
here are some shots from the night:

visit esca: website

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Bait.”

  1. It’s a good thing your friend made you go out, sounds like you needed this good time.

  2. Lindo, you wrote “@Dean callate! A lot of us Nuyoricans and Dominicans from NY call ourselves spanish. We know we are not from Spain, but it just a word. Mira calm your ass down” Apparently, you are of Puerto Rican and/or Dominican descent. We know that they are primarily descendant of the white Spanish conquistadores/invaders. And we know that the Dominican Republic is often anti-black in its racism. Do such persons call themselves Spanish to negate or lessen in words their Native American and African heritage?

    Words have meanings and words–and the images they convey–can build like bricks, bind like cement, cut like knives or lift like the roaring tide. Words have power.

    1. I am Puerto Rican and Panamanian. The thing you have to understand is that the word spanish is the same as Latino. In NY a lot of Puerto Ricans and Dominicans never knew the word Latino before, for example my mom. When I told her she was classified as a Latina, she look at me like “What the hell is that?” We never grew up being called Latino. We were only knew to call ourselves Puerto Rican or Dominican o spanish. But one thing you should know when we refer to a person from Spain, we call them Spaniard or Spain.

      How do you know Dominicans are anti-black? I have Dominican friends and none are anti-black, so how can you say that? Just because they don’t call themselves black doesn’t mean they are anti-black. You should go to DR and see for yourself instead of listening to others.

      1. Lindo, I don’t have the impression of anti-black racism in the Dominican Republic because they don’t call themselves black because they aren’t black. They are mixed, mestizo, mulatto, what have you. (That “one-drop” theory is racist.) My impression comes from seeing Internet articles that had pictures of night clubs/restaurants there that had signs that said “No Blacks Allowed” in Spanish and from the knowledge that the DR went though government sponsored “whitening” in the early 20th century where they invited European immigrants for that purpose and from articles such as this tghat and this that show anti-Haitian actions because Haitians are black.

        But I’m sure that you’re not anti-black. Peace

  3. I was enjoying reading your post until someone had to ruin it with their stupid lecture.

    1. ^i forgot that some people are not from ny who read lin.
      i grew up calling people “spanish”.
      not in a disrespectful way or anythng.
      i’ll say “you see that spanish girl” or “damn he is a cute spanish dude”.
      i never say “rican”, “dominican” or “cuban” until i know.

    2. Lindo, what stupid lecture and lecturer are you referring to? Inquiring minds what to know.

  4. quote- i’m always happy for someone who can find someone for this world.
    even if its for a second. -end quote

    My mind automatically went to prostitution when I read that. I’m hopeless.

    Did you ever get to enjoy the chicken and wine?

    1. ^LOL wow.
      well prostitutes are still looking for love.
      deep inside.
      and i got more chicken to cook for today.
      not wine tho.
      thanks for asking zen.

  5. As long as you keep pressing forward and working hard, while staying on your flying high disk you may one day just end up living in those neighborhoods.

  6. Jamari, you said that the guy was “spanish”. How do you know that? Spanish people are white people from Europe. You’ll note that Spain is a European country next to France and Portugal. So how did you know that this guy was Spanish and not just another white dude?

    1. ^when i say “spanish”,
      it means either of puerto rican or dominican decent.
      these two looked like new yawk ricans.
      i should have clarified.

      1. Noted, but to be sure in the rest of American, those nationalities are called “Hispanic” or “Latino”,. And just to be sure, Hispanic is not a race and neither is Latino. There are white Hispanics and Latinos and black Hispanics and Latinos. For example, there are black Cubans and white Cubans and both are Hispanics and Latinos. For example, there are black Panamanians and white Panamanians and both are Hispanics and Latinos. For example, there are black Peruvians and white Peruvans and both are Hispanics and Latinos. And in Cuba, Panama and Peru and other places (like the USA) you have people that are part black, part white, part Native, etc.

      2. @Dean callate! A lot of us Nuyoricans and Dominicans from NY call ourselves spanish. We know we are not from Spain, but it just a word. Mira calm your ass down.

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