BYOB (bring your own brat)

crying-babies-cute-paintings-9today reaffirmed why i don’t want kids.
i may have thought i wanted a brat of my own.
but yeah not so much anymore…

so today was BYCTW day all over the city.
for those who don’t know,
that means “bring your child to work” day.
a day when happy parents pull their child out of school for one day.
one day where they’re supposed to have their child working with them.
usually a teen who will make copies,
getting coffee,
answer phones,
and other productive things to let them know how their parents keep a roof over their heads.
well that seemed to not be the case anymore.
well not this century at least.
my job was filled with rug rats from ages “just came out the womb” to “go the hell back in”.
giphy-51there were brats everywhere.
not even black cubs either.
it was little spoiled white trust fund brats who would cry and scream on command.
it was ridic.
one spilled juice on my loafers on some”just because”.
not even an apology.
the parents just smiled and “aww”’d like he put out a fire.
another tried to be sticky fingers and take my phone off my desk.
brats get slapped for my iphone.

tumblr_lslap4u5xb1r317bvo1_500one thing i noticed was the amount of nannies who were in attendance.
like a lot of nannies.
the snow bunnies showed off the nanny more than the kids.
“this is laqueshia!
she is such a gem with my little aaron.
she cooks,
barely speaks english.
and isn’t fuckin’ my husband.
love love love her!”
mostly black,
or something that needed a translator,
it was like a “who got the best help” contest after a while.
i had to ask myself if i did have a kid,
would i ever let a nanny take care of it?
after seeing that most of these parents,
some who have two successful parents at home,
really don’t know their child.
the nanny is the replacement and the kid only sees “her”.
i saw a kid push their own mama out the way for his nanny.
he wouldn’t let the mother touch him which resulted in her looking embarrassed as hell.
i decided on a smooth “nah”.

all in all,
i’m tired as fawk tonight.
between that,
it was extra busy today as well.
i had A LOT of work i had to get done before i left.
after a while,
i just felt burnt out and had a mini attitude.
if anyone wanted me to smile today,
they were shit outta luck.
i’ll get into my vixen friend who came to visit me after work.
i’ll also get into where wolves seem to lurk.

tumblr_n0kgwbRPDJ1qefwl8o6_250oh yeahhhhhhhhhh.
“ratchet jamari” says we may need to be over there come summer.
night night.

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8 thoughts on “BYOB (bring your own brat)”

  1. You will have a brat of your own one day. Your husband will demand at least one. Children are a product of their parents so you should be fine.

    1. See that would be a problem for me. There is no way in hell I would let ANYONE talk me into doing something that I don’t want to do. That is the problem with so many relationships today…people think having a child will bring them closer together. NOT!! It puts more strain on the relationship..and if that relationship is in trouble already, guess what?! LOL
      I have plenty of nieces and nephews to keep me occupied…and the best part is I can give them back to my brothers and sisters when the day is done! LMAO

  2. You and me are on the same page, kids are not for me. While I love my god niece and nephew (they behave better than most small kids because their mom doesn’t play that) I can’t deal with the stress that comes with kids.

  3. Yea for some reason white mothers never raised their own children and always, always need help for everything. I thank God my mom is a sweet Puerto Rican lady who manage to do things on her own.

  4. I will NEVER understand how a person has kids and then a NANNY/HOUSEKEEPER ends up raising them! We had that discussion at work once and one of my coworkers got offended because I made the comment that IF (and that ain’t happening) I had kids I would be the one to raise them and not a nanny like I see so often. Turns out she has a nanny raising her kids. The nanny stays with them during the week and has the weekends off. People came up to me afterwards telling me I should apologize. I looked at them like they were crazy. I said…First off, I didn’t know she had a nanny raising her child. Second, who raised your child (pointing to several of them)? They all answered either they or their parents helped. EXACTLY…so I’m not apologizing for expressing my opinion WHEN ASKED…and I damn sure won’t apologize just because someone may want a child as a status symbol. GTFOH with that silliness.LOL

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