Porsha Stewart Wants To Be Jailmates With Kenya Moore

porsha-williamswell now i’ve heard everything.
so you know “the other brawl” that happened last week on #rhoa?
well as you know,
porsha got charged for her role in the debacle.
well porsha,
in a surprising twist,
wants allegedly to press aggravated assault charges against kenya as well…

Porsha Stewart will have her day in court, but it appears that Kenya Moore isn’t off the hook yet. The star is being pursued by Stewart’s attorney for being the alleged aggressor in the incident and there is a request to have charges filed against the reality star for her role in the situation. Whether or not Kenya Moore gets charged remains to be seen, but there is no doubt this situation now has legal consequences.

The messy situation might be difficult for Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart to navigate, but Bravo has found ratings gold with the brawl at the reunion show. There is no doubt the two women can be credited for some of the best ratings ever seen for the reality series.


what are the charges?
assault with a deadly scepter?
intent to slander with a malicious megaphone?
manslaughter with murderous gossip?
39292_600i’m starting to think i watched a different show than everyone else.
i thought i saw everyone ganging up on kenya including porsha.
yes i did witness kenya provoking with props,
but i also saw someone who couldn’t ignore their desire to pull hair.
then cry about how embarrassed she is on the ground.
yeah i musta been watching something else.

lowkey: maybe i’m a different person,
but i can control my desire to slap a muhfukka when they get out of line.
they BOTH need to move on from this.

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Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “Porsha Stewart Wants To Be Jailmates With Kenya Moore”

  1. Agreed! I’m not sure why everyone is so #teamporsha when clearly the cast enjoys ganging up on Kenya. Meanwhile she continues to play these girls like chess smh.

    1. Nobody ganged up on Kenya…did people call her out on her lies? Yes…just like she said she was in a 4 year relationship before her dog died and some other bullshit lies…like she obviously forgot about her having walter pretend to be with her last year…she also did attempt to get the african nigerian singer on the show…they have records of her renting that car and that all just adds up to there really being no african prince…Kenya was finally called out for lying and when everybody was agreeing , she had distract with her props and other childish shaningans…

  2. Come on Jamari, did you even look up what aggravated assault is? It’s not all about “physical confrontation”, aggravated assault is probably one of the broadest charges one can file. It’s all about “intent”…Kenya had a “weapon”…that scepter was close enough to her face for her to feel unsafe, and you keep stressing that Kenya was getting ganged up on…Did you watch this season at all? Have you even watched the previous seasons with Porsha and Kenya? Like Kenya deserved to be ganged up on….I can count numerous of times when Kenya and whomever was on her side at the time ganged up on Porsha…Maybe you should go back and watch the reunion…If I’ve set back and watched someone drag my name, of course I’ll be pissed…then to falsely claim I’ve cheated on my husband cause you have nothing else to say…she deserved it. Kenya’s vernacular couldn’t save her from getting dragged

    1. ^i watched.
      one minute they were friendly,
      next minute they were beefing.
      everyone has talked about each other.
      nene being the instigator in most situations,
      and regardless omari,
      no one deserves to be assaulted,
      they all traded barbs back and forth,
      but porsha took the opportunity to get up and attack someone.
      i’m not saying Kenya is right,
      but i don’t know how people are babying porsha like she is some teenager.
      she is a grown 32 year old woman,
      in the public eye,
      while trying to launch a singer career.
      if she can’t handle her emotions,
      she shouldn’t be on the show.

    2. You asked Jamari did he watch the reunion. However, I want to know did you watch it. At the time of the attack she did not have the sceptre. You have to pay attention. Don’t call someone else out when you do not even have your shit together. I know what aggravated assault is, but why are you bringing up intent. Kenya had the bullhorn at the time of the attack. If a bullhorn and a sceptre are supposedly weapons, they would not have been allowed on set, period. If this was the case, Bravo would be the blame and Porsha would have a case against them too for allowing it to happen. As a matter of fact, anything can be used as a weapon man, a pencil, a high heel, or maybe screwdriver, and these are everyday objects. However, those are not primary weapons a person can possess that would indicate they have intent to use in harmful manner. When you think of a weapon, you think of a gun or a knife, maybe a blunt object(baseball bat, a metal pipe) Those are primary weapons, and if a person is carrying those objects outside of their home, they would be in huge trouble because what else would a person be carrying a knife or a gun in a public setting for? If I walk into the dollar store with a gun in my pocket, you would have assume I was either going to hold up the store or possibly kill someone in the store.

      When Kenya arrived at the reunion with the sceptre and the bullhorn, she did not have the intent to use them as weapons, and therefore she did not. If she brought a knife, the intent would be there because what reason would she have to bring a knife at a reunion unless it was to stab someone? C’mon bruh. Kill that buzz.

      1. lol, I kniow she had the bullhorn, it was still in her hand when she was wiping the floor…but in the state of Atlanta “The Man:Attorney at Law”…Aggravated assault With a deadly weapon or with any object, device, or instrument which, when used offensively against a person, is likely to or actually does result in serious bodily injury….I just want to break that down…it doesn’t matter if she threw the scepter before the altercation, many of the housewives have said that during production, Porsha kept asking them to take the scepter away from her cause she was swinging it and swaying it all over the place…If porsha at any point felt threatened..there’s a case..If anything Porsha will be able to even the playing field, cause yes she did physically touch kenya, but the laws in different states are different…pulling hair in some cases isnt assault(JUDGES HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO THROW OUT CASES BASED ON PULLING HAIR)…but thank you so much for your reply…porsha could also site ear damage from the bullhorn…but I wont get into the legal aspect of things…since you already knew that :D…buzz killed

      2. Anyone can say they felt threatened, but that does not mean they actually were from a legal standpoint. Remember when Tami said she felt threatened when she slapped Meeka? Tami said she felt threatened because Meeka had her hands up and she had to defend herself.

        Watch the video of the Tami and Meeka fight. Was Tami really threatened?


        The answer is NO. Tami had her hands in Meeka’s face in an aggressive manner. Meeka was pointing in Tami’s face, but Tami was invading her space from the get go, and clearly Meeka was not planning on attacking Tami. Anyone with eyes could see that.

        Now watch the Porsha and Kenya fight again.


        Did you see Porsha reach over at the ten second mark? If Porsha had to reach over to defend herself, then that means Kenya was never close enough to make her feel threatened to begin with. That is where Porsha lost. People will make up an excuse to justify anything. You got people in prison today who are claiming they did something because they felt threatened or provoked, but the court didn’t think so did they? Alright then. Plus, Kenya did not just get her hair pulled, she was dragged, and she was being attacked for a few seconds on the floor as well, but we did not see it. In these situations, it is mainly all about the aggressor. Porsha jumped up off that couch, and Kenya stood up as a defense with her hands to her side, and Kenya was not in a fighting stance, but Porsha definitely was with her hair bouncing everywhere like a slinky. Porsha was dead ass wrong.

        If you must know, I am not a lawyer nor do I want to be one, but I am studying criminal justice, which comes with law as well. You have already stooped to a childish, immature level by referring to me as a lawyer and adding the little smiley face to your comment, so I’ll just leave you be. People are always looking for a fight nowadays. I’m not arguing with people on here anymore, I’m better than that now. Have a nice Sunday bro.

  3. *pics up bullhorn* “You are a dumb hoe.”

    How can she file assault charges on Kenya when she attacked her? I won’t even address the legal aspect of it because Porsha is sad. I’ll just say that she doesn’t have a case.

  4. In my opinion, Porsha was trying keep her spot on RHOA at the reunion show. She came out of her marriage with nothing and needs a check. I believe that she was influenced by the other girls to be on the defensive with her exchanges with Kenya during the taping of the reunion. Phaedra does not want legal problems because of her lawyer’s license and Nene doesn’t need any legal problems because that might prove problematic for her aspiring acting jobs.Both of these women admitted to “talking” to her before hand and I infer that they wanted to get her to be ready for Kenya…

    Porsha comes across as very gullible and easily manipulated. With that being said, I don’t see how her lawyers can come up with charges to press against Kenya. It’s not illegal to possess a scepter nor a bullhorn. Yes Kenya used the props while talking but it wasn’t in a threatening manner so this will not gain any traction. Perhaps her lawyer is trying to come up with ways to get more money out her because she is so gullible.

    I hope that they all learn that actions have consequences.

  5. It’s a crime shame that Porsha keeps tainting her grandfather’s name. Oh chile, I know he must be rollin in his grave right now with all this foolishness and stupidity.

  6. Porsha needs to take ownership for her actions. I’m black and I know most black folks are talking how dare Kenya called the police yada yada but truth be told she had a right to call the police. All the women went after each other with words back and forth that is the nature of the show. It happens on all the other housewives show. So that is a non issue when it comes to the law.
    Now Porsha is claiming Kenya taunted her with a Scepter and a bullhorn. When Kenya walk onto Bravo set with her props that is something she’s known for. Last season she had a fan flipping on the couch. No one question that.
    What I’m thinking is, Porsha came ready to aggressively go after Kenya for a place on the show next season while Kenya had a bigger issues to deal with as in Nene and Phaedra. It was only when Porsha kept interrupting Kenya and Phaedra’s conversions Kenya sort to point the scepter in her direction. Kenya repeatedly told her to stay in her lane but she was over zealous and ripped with anger to jump and yank the scepter (again being an aggressor) out of Kenya’s hand. Even after that Kenya didn’t get up to go for the scepter. She never used the scepter after that. Porsha ratchted up the rhetoric when she saw Kenya with the bullhorn. It took Kenya a min to organize the horn, she laughed while inserting the battery it was all fun, nothing threatening. Everyone was laughing on the couch. When Kenya spoke into the horn non of the other women got up except Porsha Williams (No one was surprised because we all saw it coming). She charged 3ft towards Kenya, Ms. Moore stood up in self defense mode with the horn on her side and both hands down flat. Porsha hit her and then took another hand grabbed Kenya’s head/hair pulling her towards (Porsha’s direction). When both ladies fell, Porsha still had her hand firmly on Kenya’s hair with a tight grip, she dragged her for about 2ft pounding her head in a slight upright position with Moore’s head between Porsha’s legs where she could clearly see what she was doing. It was only then when people on set successful stop the assault.

    I’m explaining all this because I want people to know that Porsha took a calculated risk of aiming all her focus on Kenya. You can not say, Kenya attacked Porsha throughout the season so she got tired of it, when both ladies went after each other squarely in person and on confessional tapes with nothing resulting to Violence.
    When you air your dirty laundry out expect people to put it right back in your face which Kenya did, even Porsha did to her at the Reunion bringing Walter and imaginary boyfriend up. Did you see Kenya charge and hit her? Word for word Porsha said Kenya Womanly part and breath stink, and Kenya brought up her cheating on Kordell both statements are outlandish to say the least.
    Did Kenya really get under her skin at that point, maybe there is some valid points to that statement which pushed Porsha over the edge. You cannot blame Kenya for bringing that up when Porsha’ skeletons are clear for all to see after she threw her own husband under the bus with the whole Kordell is Gay thing. You can not bring forth to the public questioning your own marriage, it is only natural for your castmates granted your so call enemy to question the part you played in the collapse of your once cherished marriage.

    I really wanted to see the evidence Kenya had when she made that statement. It is now clear Porsha didn’t want her to proceed with the evidence so she jump Kenya.

    If she got tired of it clearly she don’t belong on a hot show like that with someone like Kenya who will not just accept the Porsha’s version of events especially when Miss 33 year old was coming after her.

    This is the immature Porsha we all saw throughout the season. When you swing your fist you better own up to the mess. Just because you are on a reality show don’t mean you’re precluded from the law,
    In life people provoke us all the time, do we go and fight every person who does? We are smarted then that which Porsha isn’t.
    Telling someone they deserved to get beat up is the punk way to go about things, When you bring words to a match I’ll use words, when you hit me, I won’t go there. The law will handle that cause we live in a country with Laws. If only most knew their rights like that…..

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