Safaree “Issa Snack” Samuels Does “Wendy”

i always thought safaree issa snack.
this is even before the wolf he has become these days.
when he was background with nicki,
i was always like:

well safaree is getting his second wind with this remy/nicki beef.
he went on “the wendy williams show” today to share his thoughts.
i have a few thoughts myself,
but this is the interview

the first thought i had when he walked out was:

“take your pants off”

back to the entry

this felt reminiscent to a “radio wendy” interview.
i saw a little of it peaking out.
i feel it would have gotten a lot messier with the questions.
she had no filter in those days.

safaree seemed nervous during this interview.
i could tell he was also on gag order.
if you noticed,
it was like he really wanted to “talk” but he couldn’t.
he kept looking down and trying to find the right answers.
he still seems like he feels loyal to her.
after a decade of a “situationship”,
he doesn’t really want to go full tilt hyena.
funny enough,
she has done it to him plenty of times.
it’s wack sauce she tried to stop him from going on the show.

one thing i learned is the value of “getting things in writing”.
friends or no friends,
fucking or no fucking,
you can’t be on some:

“my people got my back”

always be in protective mode.
i’ve learned that the hard way myself.
you wouldn’t go to a job and work for free,
waking up every morning early to freely go build someone else’s company up.

friends/lovers can turn into enemies where business is concerned.
even you,
yeah “you” reading,
can be the triflin’ one in a fall out.

i wish nothing for the best for safaree.
he appears to be a nice wolf.
his spirit doesn’t ring alarms for me.
i hope his blessings will reign down on him so he can continue to win.

lowkey: he acts like a full blown jamaican,
don’t he?

i bet he crazy and the pipe is good.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Safaree “Issa Snack” Samuels Does “Wendy””

  1. As a Trinidadian, Jamaican pipe be so GOOD! 😋😋😋😋
    I wish him the best of everything.

  2. Omg I nearly DIED from amusement when you said my first thought was “take your pants off” when he first walked on stage because I thought the exact same thing… then you trail off to post one of his shirtless and thirsty IG vid to further your point before getting back on topic! 🤣🤣

    Too funny.

    But yeah I agree.. Safaree clearly held back and was definitelyforming his responses as it happened live, which is not genuine but rather smart.

    Good for him getting a chance to tell his version of their in a ugly scenario for everyone involved.

    I will be checking for Safaree more in the future lol

    1. ^she was being an absolute bitch to him!!!!!!!
      i would image 12 years wouldn’t have such a nasty end.
      i think if he said certain things,
      it would open him up to a lawsuit.
      she probably got his balls in a vice grip.

      I’ll be checking for his snack filled penis too!

  3. Safaree get your money, but Mr.Wendel needs better interviewing skills. This was a terrible interview

  4. He certainly is a snack with his chest all out. And you know he smells good. Phew. Keep me near the cross.

  5. Man, I was scanning that crotch when he walked out on Wendy” wearing my favorite color! Lol IdC…I still believe he’s a suspect DL Wolfe. The whole time e I was tryna get a feel for him. He’s the type that will melt a straight man down with that charm! Lol

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