Nicki Minaj Tries Her Hand At A Battle Rap Response

so what day is it?
it’s been what?
almost two weeks since remy ma bodied nicki minaj.
well nicki has decided to try her hand tonight.
the song is called “no frauds”.
it also features drake and wayne.
so these are the lyrics since the track is getting pulled everywhere…

I ain’t in the projects but all my bricks is up
You can’t be Pablo if your work ain’t selling
What the fuck is this bitch [?]
I would’ve helped you off that pitch
I am the generous Queen! Ask Ms. Ellen
Tried to drop “Another One”, you was itching to scrap
You exposed your ghostwriter now you wish you were scrapped
Heard your pussy on “yuck,” I guess you needed a pap
What type of bum bitch shoot a friend over a rap
What time of mother leave her one son over a stack
No Back to back, oh you mean, back to wack?
“Back to Back”? Me and Drizzy laughed at that
They say numbers don’t matter
But when they discussing the kings, they turn around and say Lebron ain’t got 6 rings
You never signed a 360, you wild done
That’s why Jay ain’t clear his verse
Left the operating table, still look like “wack”

so this was her comeback?
a collab track?
she needed wayne and drake to help sell it?
remy slaughtered her all alone.
that is what a battle is.
i thought she told tmz she wasn’t gonna respond?
her clapback verse in this song had so much material in it.
you can pick that song apart for scraps and feed it back to her.
her auto-enhanced cuss words didn’t intimidate anyone either.
it’s her same “yawn” raps about what she got and her “queen”-dom.
she had better disses when she was going after taylor and miley.
if this is all she came up with,
2 weeks later…
i guess safaree really ain’t trying to help her.

lowkey: so wait…
when she met and took those pics with wayne and drake,
was that when she recorded this?
because “shether” dropped after.
unless she recorded his new verse and added it to that track.
she could have kept whatever scheme this is.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj Tries Her Hand At A Battle Rap Response”

  1. I have nothing against either lady, but out of the titles Nicki holds I don’t think Queen of Rap is one of them at this point. Most successful female rapper, Sure. Most relevant . We know she will sell millions and tour and have stacks but her getting bodied by Remy Ma will always be related to her.

  2. People kill me acting like her rhymes were any better because Safaree supposedly wrote them. If he’s such an awesome writer why hasn’t his career popped off? Some of her old shit was just awful. I will say her flow isn’t as animated or bipolar but I think that’s because she doesn’t want to do that anymore, hence no more pink wigs.

    Everyone wants to act like they love real hip hop and lyricism, but it’s evident by the shit people request on the radio and have on top of the charts you don’t.

    If I’m a rapper do I want to be deep and a battle rapper struggling or just stick to punchlines and being flashy, sell records and singles, get played nonstop on the radio, and make money?

    I don’t think either is all that. Just two different sides of the coin. One commercially successful, one not.

    I’d likely still take Lil Kim in ’98.

    1. “I’d likely still take Lil Kim in ’98.”

      🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 say it Jay, Hardcore is one of my favorite rap albums.

      1. ^People can say whatever they want…nobody could fuck with Lil Kim in her prime!

  3. I’m mad that u and Wendy actually have me semi-invested in this whole whack saga, lol….first off, Shether was jus okay for me…the content was more eye raising than Ma’s delivery…but I guess the former matters more in the battle………………..but *channeling my best crackish Katt Williams* “This shit right here [Nicki], this shit right here [Nicki], right here this shit [Nicki], this shit here [Nicki]”!!!???……please take 1000 spiked seats ma dear.

  4. Let’s be honest, at some point to win you actually have to win. And nicki is winning no matter what people are saying, the girl got the #1 #2 #3 on hip hop chart, #2 #6 #7 overall. People wanna say it’s not about numbers but it really is, that’s why remy kept saying numbers doesn’t matter but still kept pushing her song. Shether was more sensentional, it’s was fire!). But nicki gonna end up winning this just like Jay won and now litteraly owns Nas. Ain’t nobody is trying to stay broke and nicki got that, you have to sell. So she made songs that actually gonna sell.

    It’s not a diss track it’s a hit track with a diss verse that gonna be played again and again and again. “She lost credibility in the streets” LOL i really don’t nicki still cares about that, these streets ain’t paying no rent.

    Btw i wanna see remy ma do what nicki asked, drop a hit that is not about nicki and book a show not mentioning nicki and got that half million. But the truth is she can’t, because nicki is what makes her relevant. no matter how we wanna act like she was, she was not. Just like nobody is trying to hear those ex destiny’s child member if they ain’t talking about Beyoncé, nobody is trying to hear remy ma if it’s not about nicki.

    Regret in yout tears is on repeat, that song is just the realest!!! She is not fronting about the break up with meek, she cried she honest.

    1. louis.
      the response was wack.
      the kardashians at one point where 1, 2, and 3 on something.
      they had a legion of stans who defended them.
      how is she gonna come after someone for the things she has done?

      body shaming – but she has an alleged plastic body
      wack pussy – her two past relationships went up in flames (not only that, they dry snitched about her to anyone with an ear)
      ghost writer – see her past relationship

      how you gonna be a rap queen,
      who claims she likes to battle rap,
      but you calling big wigs/radio djs/whoever to shut songs down and throw rocks because you lost?
      how you gonna @ trey/ebro/charlamange,
      but was shook to even @ remy ma?
      i thought these bitches was her sons?
      she @ taylor and miley tho?
      she knows remy would wreck her.

      this showed just how pop nicki minaj has become.
      of course she will have high charted songs.
      she is a pop star.
      of course,
      she will brag about her chart success.
      that is all she has.
      of course she is more known.
      remy ma was in jail when nicki was laying the ground work.
      no amount of releases can ever erase that.
      so even if she got all this money and notoriety off the shit show,
      it still wont erase:


      this is the same nicki minaj who copied lil kim and went after her.
      so its wrong now its happening to her?
      this is just her karma coming back to her.
      it still hasn’t humbled her so she needs a stronger dose.
      the only ones going off about this track is hot97 and her barbz.
      everyone else thinks her reply was trash.
      so they’ll be playing it on repeat,
      next to shether,
      on how bad the comeback was.
      then gonna say this:

      …and disable her comments.
      she taking multi dimensional “L”s out here lou.

      1. “the kardashians at one point where 1, 2, and 3 on something” and that’s why they’re the queen of reality tv, even if it hurst me to admit that.

        “the only ones going off about this track is hot97 and her barbz.” and that’s more than enough thats’ why she is #1. Now all of sudden remy ma got fanpages on IG, a month ego nobody was talking about her. How many times did you write about nicki (bad or good) how many times did you write about remy ma?

        body shaming
        wack pussy
        ghost writer…

        but hasn’t remy ma talked about it as well? I guess none of them should have mention it then, because they both guilty.

        Maybe we have a different definition of winning. if you beat the shit out of me, then i sue you, you lose everthing, your job your money your family… who actually won?

        Because that’s the same thing, remy diss was fire (and i admited it again and again and again) but at the end of the day nicki is still winning.

        Just ask remy ma if she rahter have shether or 50 million and see what she says. She said herself on wendy show it was all about her money.

        If not the first time nicki is bodied, Kim came even harder than remy, she puzzled nicki so bad it hurt my feelings. But Nicki is still here and nobody is paying to see kim.


        People said beyoncé got bodied in dreamgirl by jennifer hudson, and tbh she kinda was, jennifer hudson actually got an oscar, that’s a real win. But where is jennifer and where is beyoncé now???

        People sais Jay z got bodied by Nas (i still don’t agree lool) but at the end who is the real winner?? Jay owns Nas.

        So my question is :


        My money on Nicki.

        Next week she will be the female artist (not rapper, artist) with the most hit on hot #100. Remy ma can keep street credibility if she wants tho.

        PS: “this is just her karma coming back to her” i keep asking what had she ever done that was so bad? I’m serious i’ve hear anything. what did i miss?

        1. ^lou.

          if remy lost her career tomorrow,
          became homeless,
          and started asking for change on the corner,
          it will never change:


          you can font until Jesus comes down to mediate.
          still wack.

          1. and don’t get me wrong,
            her verse on “monster” is the better than anything she has done in her entire career.
            she took an L in this battle tho.
            she started it and unfortunately lost.
            now we will move on from this and see her as a successful pop act 😊

      2. “you can font until Jesus comes down to mediate” I HATE YOU!!! Lol

        Yes she did. But would take nicki lost over remy ma win all day every day.. and you know you would too jamari don’t lie. i would have all that money to confort myself about being bodied, i’m ok with that.

    2. I agree Louis. Only people who discredit numbers are the ones who don’t get big numbers. It’s funny because people like to shit on Beyoncé and constantly say Taylor Swift sells more than her just to discredit Beyoncé but in reality is Taylor really seeing Beyoncé on that stage? I think we all know the answer. So do numbers matter or not? I feel like folks nitpick especially when it comes to artists they dislike. Just like religious folk nitpick particular “sins” just to shit on gay people.

      Pop artists who sell the most get worshipped but because nicki is a rapper her stats don’t matter? No ma’am. It nicki wasn’t the highest selling female rapper then folks would use that against her.

      She is winning. Period. I remember people saying that she was going to disappear 2 years after she first came out and now look, 7/8 years later she is still leading the pack. Who the fxck needs “street cred” when you Hollywood? LOL! That ish is weak & childish. She ain’t in the projects anymore. If anyone intelligent was in Nicki’s position then they’d make “pop mainstream” music too. It’s lucrative and marketable. If drake can sing then so can Nicki. Best believe if I outsold all of my contemporaries then I’ll keep reminding them. It’s a milestone achievement. If madonna can be celebrated for selling more than every woman in her lane then so can nicki.

      Good for Remy for releasing a lyrical masterpiece (her or whoever helped) but I still side with Nicki. Her hustle is really admirable to me. Some folks look at the “bars” but I (as a media student) look at the marketing genius. Nicki is a genius.


    SORRY I’M a fan of both Remy and Nicki but i think this is corny as fuck Remy won the battle but Nicki will win the war. She’ll release platinum selling singles for the summer followed by an new album. unfortunately beef doesn’t help album sales that much cuz Hip Hop is commercial and has been mainstream for sometime now.And album sales DO MATTER it’s a business not a talent show if you don’t sell albums your career is OVER, the legends didn’t become legendary by FLOPPING in sales. Hip- Hop has died artistically many times over. Case in point a rapper can make an unintelligible song about a car, call it Panda, mumble through the whole track and make MILLIONS.

  6. bless NIcki heart she try. Remy didn’t have fat Joe on the diss track. so why nicki had drake and Wayne.
    that is the question.

  7. I know pap can spit too, and I know he itching for someone to say something.. She taking shots at mother hood to Remy, now that’s crossing the line. I’m so sick of this animated Barbie

    1. Remy crossed the line in that shether song hitting below the belt so all us fair in love and war. Remy even said there’s no limits in rap battles so I’m sure she ain’t sweating over this.

  8. she could have kept that shit it felt like her regular ass rhymes and verses. She should have kept quiet and let this blow over then own the radio afterwards and fake unbothered.

    Now I really hope she’s not going to do like she did w/ kim when she pretended that her disses were not really for kim but for everybody but the person who they felt like they were for.

  9. Somebody on Twitter said the following:
    “Nicki really did the double dutch lean for 2 entire weeks and then tripped as soon as she jumped in.”

    Goodnight. 😭😭😭😭😭

  10. It’s typical Nicki..I’m a fan of both but Remy did kill her lyrically but Nicki responded the way i expected her to by announcing her accomplishments i just wasn’t expecting Drake and Wayne that was kinda random lol…Nicki anout to drop more singles and own radio all summer…she lost the battle but she will win the war. *shrugs* im over this beef once i heard about Queen Latifah going after Foxy i lost interest *yawns*

  11. At this point it would have been better if she said nothing .We were almost starting to forget about it and she revives it with this lame comeback smh

    1. ^yeah…
      she def should have followed her own advice and not responded.
      nothing she said in her clapback even comes close to a drag.
      at least jay said he left condoms all over nas baby mama baby seat lol

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