Teach (Mi) A Lesson

i never give myself credit.
i have this nasty habit of blaming myself when things go wrong.
i keep doing it with my past job now and with relationships gone wrong.
even though they played a major role in the demise,
i have wondered what i did wrong?
i gotta end that this year.
so mi hit me up the other day…

at first,
i didn’t know who i was texting back with the number.
as the font started saying certain things,
i figured out it was her.
well she lives in florida now,
but she fonted something rather interesting within the convo:

“you were right”

i was,
wasn’t i?
remember she kicked up a lot of dust while she was here.
well it seems she met her match where she is now.
the “friend” she is staying at is treating her like shit.
they want her out by the end of the month.
she is also jobless and looking for a new gig.

“this could be my karma.
how i treated people in the past.
i’m learning a lot of lessons and every one of them you were right.
thank you for helping me”

well i accepted her apology.
she already knows she can’t stay here again,
but if she reaches out to font,
i won’t turn her away.

it’s funny how most who leave my life realize i am harmless.
i want them to win,
but they are so busy trying to use me or be stubborn,
they don’t see the bigger picture.
everything that happened these last few years taught me some lessons tho.

i can’t help everyone
i’m usually right
my presence is a present

if it wasn’t for her playing a part in the fire,
i wouldn’t have started down the path of enlighment.
thank you.

lowkey: you truly don’t know what you got until it’s gone.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Teach (Mi) A Lesson”

  1. She’s experiencing growth it takes a real person to admit they’re wrong but as you stated never let her move back but you can give her an encouraging word

    1. ^im all for an encouraging word,
      but she could never live in my space again.
      she was completely disrespectful and i can’t forget that.

  2. You are so right! I can’t tell you how many people have come and gone, and realized later on that i was truly a good person; and wish nothing but the best, I want to see people get ahead in life and succeed. Especially in our community, but some of those people don’t see that and are to busy being crabs in a bucket pulling everyone down to get to the top. A lot of us can relate to you J, and I can tell you are a good person just through your entry’s… Much love

  3. I have a similar story that happened recently. I had a former best friend reach out to me saying that he apologized for how he treated me. He told me that he would move in with me to help save money since I moved to Florida. Unbeknownst to me, he made plans with his man to move in with him and didn’t tell me until I was served court letters that he wouldn’t move in with me after all. He is with a man that cheats on him and makes him think he is delusional for thinking that. I told him that his man’s infidelity would strike again and indeed it did.

    We can be friends, but not enablers. Never let a friend allow you to violate the ideals that you live by. I’m glad that she came to you, but don’t involve yourself in her affairs. Wash your hands and proceed with life. I’m living for the growth Jamari!

    1. ^thanks f&s.
      its interesting how they let trash rule them.

      mi legit had this friend looking “better”.
      she even had the “friend” hit me up talking shit in my texts.
      now the so called “friend” was really a hyena in disguise.

  4. Lesson Vs. Blessin’! You played your part, and it’s admirable that you are balanced and mature (even healed) enough to accept her apology. Your karma bank account is on swole. Stay blessed.

  5. Maybe she learned her lesson…maybe not.

    Her friend is treating her like shit?

    I’m more inclined to believe she burned her bridge with them as well.

  6. So she is getting kicked out again? SMH. As Malcolm said, she is experiencing growth right now.

  7. While it was nice of her to apologize I think she needs to talk to a professional to get the help she needs. You did so much for her by opening up your home to her and you went through hell for it.

  8. I like the part where you say “I want them to win” most people don’t see that, cause they are so busy thinking about Self!!!

  9. What goes around comes around faster these days. Glad she is growing. But you are absolutely correct Jamari — forgive but don’t forget. Don’t ever let her back into your personal space.

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