“Ma, I Can’t Take It Anymore” and Then He Killed Himself

is anyone watching “time: the kalief browder story”?
it comes on spike tv at 10pm on wednesdays,
but it also re-broadcasts after “the quad” on bet at 11pm.
it’s a 6 part documentary produced by jay z and harvey weinstein.
it’s a must watch,
in my honest opinion…

so kalief browder from the bx.
that’s the bronx in new yawk.
he was 16 years old when he was snatched up by the nypd,
¬†falsely accused of stealing someone’s backpack,
and sent to riker’s island where he spent 3 years.
riker’s island is a maximum security prison.
it’s no fuckin’ joke over there.
why is a sixteen year old even there to begin with?
hardcore criminals are sent there to serve their sentences.
well he was continuously jumped and assaulted by guards and prisoners.
he was basically tortured in there.
the worst part is he spent most of his sentence in solitary confinement.
that played a part in how he lost his mind.
well kalief committed suicide after being released due to his ordeal.
his last words to his mother was:

i can’t take it anymore.”

the documentary takes us through his life,
and the injustice that he faced.
it’s brutal,
but needed.
shit like this happens every day to black males across the country.
i really NEED you to watch this documentary.

i’m going to post the 2 episodes courtesy of mr world premiere:



i would love to read your thoughts about it.
don’t think because you’re gay/bi/attentionisto that it can’t happen to you.
i love you all.
stay safe.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on ““Ma, I Can’t Take It Anymore” and Then He Killed Himself”

  1. Remember the story, been following it since it happened. Also watching the documentary. Agree it, and “The 13th” are MUST See…

  2. I can’t watch because i would just be crying through the whole thing. I just read what his mom said in the gif and i’m already crying. This i one of the saddest story ever.

  3. jackals and hyenas are cruel.
    i still can’t get over what the older vixen at apple told me about her husband.
    the jackal legit said:

    “looks like we killed him”

    and she said they showed no remorse.
    just like those jackals in the second episode of this doc that jumped kalief.

  4. Even if he DID commit the crime, how is such a punishment justified? It was over a backpack… and on top of that he was falsely accused. Holy f**k.v When I see stories like this and then see your cheeto president talking about how the POLICE are mistreated? Disgusting. I don’t know what riker’s island is, but it sounds extreme. When people come with that “racism doesn’t extist” BS, I exit the dialogue because it’s just disrespectful at this point. Perceptions about black people from non-blacks NEEDS to change. There is nothing but misinformation and ignorance produced by the media and the government.

    This poor boy was innocent. R.I.P young man and my condolences are with the family, and the mother especially.

    1. ^ riker’s island is a maximum security prison.
      only adults are supposed to be in there.
      a 16 year old shouldn’t even be in there for that petty crime.
      they saw him as some “hoodrat” and treated him as such.
      any one of u could be yanked up by the nypd because “someone said they saw us”.
      its ridic.

  5. I salute everyone who has the coping mechanisms to be able to watch this and/or 13th. I was unable to watch 13th, and unfortunately I can’t handle this documentary. I can’t even watch Get Out. The way my mind is currently setup, I just can’t.

  6. I’ve watched both episodes, and got nauseous both times. I almost threw up cus I was so sick to my stomach that this happened to him. And he was fine. Its unfair man.

  7. I caught most of the first episode and recorded the second. It’s definitely going to be a high priority to see how they finish this. The story is so hard but really opens up your eyes even more to the injustices and discrimination that has become so commonplace and everyday culture in our country.

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