“I Don’t” Like It (Mariah)

i didn’t like the song anyway.
remy couldn’t even save it.
she sounded off.
mariah needs to do better.
i did like this track with remy on it tho…

solid track.
good video.
keyshia always give “i dated a fuck boi and i came to my senses” music.
i’ll allow it.

4 thoughts on ““I Don’t” Like It (Mariah)

  1. Aaaww Jamari why can’t get wit my song?…lol, I ain’t gonna front, only reason I dig it is b/c it’s featuring one of my fav R&B artists from his best album to date and love this song….they don’t make albums like that no mo….

  2. Mariah better stay out of this mess between Nicki and Remy!! 😂 😂😂 the next single from Nicki will be about her…STFU!!!

  3. Mariah needs to grow TF up and Remy needs to find a hobby, one that doesn’t concern always talking about or referring to Nicki Minaj. If she ain’t dissing Nicki or talking about her in some way, she ain’t got shit to do. #NickiGotYouHoesPressed

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