Tremaine Releases An Album And Bonus Material About Nicki Minaj

i like this.
well ^that and this:
i was listening to it at like 12 or 1 in the morning.
every track.
no skips.
i liked the most:

break from love
what are we here for
the sheets… still

a solid r&b effort from you.
i hear growth from you as well.
i’ll allow it.
so tremaine neverson isn’t kissing nicki’s ass cheeks.
he addressed the issue she had with him on the breakast club today.
the one where she claims he didn’t defend her when mentioned during her slaughtering on “shether”.
this is a quick clip of what he had to say…

i can see his point.
star fox (rip) was into her HEAVY during her mixtape days.
he actually put me on to her.
i still wasn’t impressed.
“5 star chick” started the gears to move.
her features on usher,
and trey’s tracks that made my ears perk up.
it wasn’t until the epicness that was “monster”,
a verse she still hasn’t topped,
that i got into her.
i like when she spits and doesn’t do that techno nonsense.
for her to say that about trey was high key disrespect tho.
i see why he had to get at her today.

she seems to like to bully folks.
i’m glad he knows where his balls are.

lowkey: it’s like no one cares for her.
i hope she has been humbled,
but probably not.
she should be tho.
“no frauds” is 101.

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “Tremaine Releases An Album And Bonus Material About Nicki Minaj”

  1. I’ll have to give his album a listen. The last few albums haven’t had noteworthy singles but the albums as a whole have been good.

  2. Eh the only issue I had with what he said was him acting like he made her blow up. Not so much.

    R&B artist use rapper verses to get their shit played on the radio because the genre gets no exposure unless you’re Beyoncé or Rihanna. I don’t even have to look it up to know any of his best selling songs featured a rapper, hell “Bottoms Up” is probably his best selling song.

    As far as his new album, I’ll pass. Even the most hardcore Trey Songz fan have to admit if you’ve heard one of his albums you’ve pretty much heard them all.

    Like I said it’s a sad day when black artists are only producing “solid R&B efforts” and Bruno Mars is essentially remixing what’s already been done and styling on everyone.

    1. This ☝

      Don’t get me wrong Nicki wasn’t the superstar then that she is now, but even at that point it was very well known featuring her on a track would get mad airplay/downloads. let’s all be honest, she saved that terrible ass song anyway. love Trey, not too big on Nicki but I’m sure she was responsible for those plaques they speak of. IMO.

      1. He needs to discuss why he’s 7 albums in and has no classic or signature song(s).

        Nothing that will be played at a wedding or that will allow people to remember him in the future.

        His cultural impact and contribution to male R&B is minimal at best and people are very forgetful.

        I’m not even a Nicki fan but its funny these people with the so much to say had no problem fucking with her when it benefited them. Trey featured Nicki on at least two mediocre songs, DJ’s still play her shit more than any other female rapper, and we wouldn’t even know who Safaree is without her keeping him around and basically taking care of him.

    2. I usually get one or two tracks per album from Trey that I like, but as an artist I don’t feel he’s grown at all. He falls into that category of all male R&B singers…hop on the latest musical trend and see if you can do it better, no matter how old your ass is (Charlie Wilson, Ron Isley, R. Kelly).
      Like I said in the other post, my music stays on old school stations or KTU 103.5 in NYC.,,and that’s a damn shame.

    3. Jay you are preaching to the choir here. If I could like this comment 100x I would.

      He didn’t blow her up, Nicki was a trendy feature artist in her early days since she was the new “hot thing” so getting her on a song would gather more airplay. Did those features help her craft a brand of her own and make her who she is as Nicki MInaj? Yes, but for Trey to make it seem like HIS song made her is pretty laughable. Bye Trey.

      “Bedrock” and “5 Star Chick” put me on Nicki. Not Trey Songz. And yes his music all sounds the same, I actually want him to do better and explore but his team don’t want to take a risk with him and tbh I think his time to take that leap has passed. He’s already a decade into the industry and feels stagnant. And yep, I 100% about Bruno Mars. He’s doing what many of these black mainstream R&B artists should be doing.

      But it seems like Black male singers have to be thuggish and vulgar to get major record labels to back them and get radio play. That’s why the Chris’, Augusts, Trey’s all make the same kinda music. Unless you’re Jason Derulo who’s been a pop artist from day 1.

  3. I started listening to it on my way to work today , I’ll be honest I’ve never had a chance to get into Trey’s music before. Now that I have a streaming service it’s easier for me to give certain artists a chance.

    My faves so far are Come Over, Playboy,
    1X1, She loving it, and nobody else but you.

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