Don’t Come Into Taraji P Henson’s “Empire” With The Mess

i reallllllllllly hate when i hear my favorite black actresses are hellions bts.
i hate it.
now everyone knows i love my aun-t,
taraji p henson.
i have heard nothing but great things from those who have encountered her.
nia longyeah,
not to much.
well those two allegedly went head to head on the set of “empire”.
this is what tmz had to say on how it all started…

Taraji P. Henson jokingly asked Nia Long if she was on her period after she went nuts on a fellow cast member … and that’s what set off their raging feud on the set of “Empire.”

Production sources tell TMZ … Nia showed up late shortly after beginning her stint on the show, prompting one of the male actors to joke, “Damn, why are you on black people time?”

We’re told that sent Nia into a rage … chewing the guy out. The actor told her it was just a joke but she continued berating him … and that’s when Taraji fired back“What are you, on your period? Is it that time, girlfriend?”

Things got super heated … and it set the tone for a relationship that was barely civil. Taraji has always been super protective of the cast and crew and everyone was in her corner.

TMZ broke the story … the hair and makeup crew filed a complaint against Nia for mistreating them. She maintains the allegations are bogus.

set her straight aun-t! aun-t and i share the same attitude.
we are very protective of those in our corner.
from the alleged stories i’ve heard,
nia is a beautiful hyena.
she allegedly speaks down to those “under her”.
that is the wrong move.
you should ALWAYS be kind to everyone,
from the janitor to the ceo.
no one should get special treatment because they seem higher than others.
nia needs to get her shit together because she has quite the reputation.
she isn’t poppin’ like she was in the 90s.

lowkey: what makes folks be the nasty to everyone?
i been through a lot of shit and i always treat people well.

article taken: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Don’t Come Into Taraji P Henson’s “Empire” With The Mess”

  1. This is what happens when you don’t check people on their bad behaviour from early. Thankfully Taraji wasn’t having it.

    1. ^”This is what happens when you don’t check people on their bad behavior from early.”

      ive heard nia has been like this since the 90s.
      she use to run with gabby u and sanaa l and allegedly they were like that as well.
      the other two got humbled,
      but i see nia is allegedly still out here being a demon.

  2. Do you guys think this is a publicity stunt for people to know Nia Long is going to be on the Empire? That’s what think. It sucks if the allegations are true about her. I never got the vibe that she was nasty or hard to work with. She always seemed sweet and likable but hey she is an actress so who knows lol.

    1. No Nia has the reputation of being rude,late, etc.The director of The Best Man, Malcolm Lee,talked about her being difficult to work with.Garcelle Beavius co host a show called Hollywood Today Live,she said that’s Nia’s reputation.Taraji is all about supporting black actresses ,if this wasn’t true she would have called it BS on her social media.Also there is this entertainment reporter named Jawn Murray who talked about Nia on his FB.

      Empire has had lots of divas on the show, Mariah, Mary J, Naomi,Vivica,etc so they are used to big egos.For this to be the first time hair and makeup has filed a complaint speaks volumes, IMO.

      1. ^you are so right on aun-T shutting that rumor down via social media.
        the fact she didn’t says A LOT.
        i really like the idea of what im hearing taraji’s personality is like.

      2. I had this same conversation with a co worker today. So many people who were described as “difficult” in the past have worked on the show with no incidents. The second Nia works on it and mulitple stories comes out? There may really be something there.

  3. I’ve been hoping this is a rumor, I just finished reading Taraji’s book earlier in the week and in one of the chapters she talks about the sisterhood she has wth loads of black actresses in the business.

    P.S. As for gabby I remember this

    So I’m glad she come as far as she has

  4. Wow, I neva heard/knew this bout Nia…the kernel of str8ness remaining in my brain has always been in love with that woman and her sexy sultry ass voice allwaxin poetic n stuff…I wanted her to have my kids go real..but this right here is disheartening than a mug….

  5. I forgot to mention earlier that Nia’s half sister(same father), the comedienne Sommore also has talked about her and that she doesn’t F with her.I think she thinks certain people are beneath her.Because most of the stories I have heard about her involve assistants or crew or people not in show biz.Like I heard about her being rude to some people organizing a charity event.Being rude to a stand in and to an extra.

    Maybe this experience with Taraji will humble her.

  6. I’ve seen Taraji before and she was chill. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nia was like this though. These are these uptight black folks that probably forgot where they came from if they weren’t​ always spoiled to begin with. I remember a while back seeing Latoya Luckett and she had a nasty attitude and demeanor on her face like everyone that around her was trash.

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