shame you for not liking the “wap” video! (shame *clap* on *clap* you *clap*)

can i ask a question for the foxhole?
this isn’t directed at anyone in particular,
but Lord knows my social media timelines are flooded.
(there is a joke about this entry and flooded somewhere).
last night i had to sign off twitter because it was too much.
as you know,
cardi b came out with “wap” with megan thee stallion.
it’s been getting a ton of mixed reviews.
my thing is this
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You Should Shut Your Contradicting Mouth.

sometimes i think it’s best to keep to your mouth shut.
have you noticed that those who speak up,
and are opinionated on social issues,
end up contradicting themselves somehow?
all these celebs and social media activists being exposed.
folks are shocked that they can contradict themselves.
it’s like…

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I Can’t Believe You Said That About Me!

thrown_tomato_picain’t it funny…
how you can be respected and admired by so many people,
but you care when that one or two irrelevants don’t like you?
why is that?
why does everything positive about us go down the toilet when an asshole spits shit?
its like celebs who will only respond to negativity.
why do some of us hold what people think about us to such a high standard?…
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Mysonne Does Us A Favor And Tries To Explain Himself About Frank Ocean – The Bronx rapper discusses the Twitter comments he made concerning Frank Ocean coming out as bisexual. He says it was a “cowardly” move, and was “deceitful” to his fanbase. Mysonne believes the singer should have been upfront with who he is from the beginning.

did the foxhole have to rough him up?
did he get those paws put on those mentions?
inquiring minds want to know along with my few questions…

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