Mysonne Does Us A Favor And Tries To Explain Himself About Frank Ocean – The Bronx rapper discusses the Twitter comments he made concerning Frank Ocean coming out as bisexual. He says it was a “cowardly” move, and was “deceitful” to his fanbase. Mysonne believes the singer should have been upfront with who he is from the beginning.

did the foxhole have to rough him up?
did he get those paws put on those mentions?
inquiring minds want to know along with my few questions…

luckey star is my lucky star!
he sent me this video of Mysonne having to explain himself for his comments about Frank Ocean.
(see here for how it started)
he hit up my people over at VLAD TV to go get his little 5 seconds of someone’s else’s fame


yeah yeah yeah.
we nah curr wah chu tink.
in my best joseline voice.
let’s get to the real questions.
theΒ jamari fox interview.

how good do you use that mouth when you are eating booty?
what’s that meat looking like?
why does your stage name sound like a face cream?
where did you go for the last umpteenth years?
don’t you think hardcore rapping is over?
when can i expect a sex tape?
what are you going to do when you realize this ain’t it?
what makes you think you are the general of NY?
in the right situation, wolf or fox?

i’m not tryin’ to hear any more of his opinions until he answers my questions.

14 thoughts on “Mysonne Does Us A Favor And Tries To Explain Himself About Frank Ocean

  1. Mylanta has a nice set of DSL’s. I’m sure he can suck the skin off of dick.
    His lips also looks like a ‘starfish’, as The Legendary LL COOL J described his asshole being licked by a chick, in his 1997 Bio, I make my own rules.

  2. Quick question ummm……who the hell is he. To me this rapper is irrelevant and dont know one song and i listen to underground rap. Lastly, Frank Ocean probably banged him or something he he is made cuz he aint want it or something. #Irritated leave Frank alone plz.

  3. My fault. Cause now I can never get that 3:32 back. Mysonne fast acting relief or w.e the fuck he’s supposed to be just proved he’s a total idiot.

  4. Man your not his fan and you don’t fool with him so he didn’t deceive you. Kick rocks. He needs to go and do something else with his time.

  5. I can’t with this nigga.

    How is Frank Ocean deceiving you?

    Why does your upper lip look like it wants a divorce with your bottom lip?

    Why do you look like you ready to suck on some dick with those chicken grease lips?

    Why is your grill fucked up?

    #ICANT and I wont….

      1. I mean I respect your opinion and all but I mean why even explain yourself? People think Gay/bisexual and that’s ALL they focus on. Music is fuckin music. THIS is why I believe you should keep your personal life to yourself. Less drama..

  6. Him trying to clarify what he said only made it worse to me.

    He sounds uneducated and foolish.

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