I Should Cheat On You With A Fraternity Wolf.

i have a soft spot for frat wolves.

someone about a group of wolves/foxes/hybrids,
working together,
bonding and being brothers,
all while doing those little step shows  in the college yard.
all that testosterone.
all those fine ass men coming together as one.
enough to give me a damn seizure.
but, messing with a frat wolves can almost be a secret society.
just like the whole fox/hybrid/wolf life.
they tend to all be the “man’s man“.
nothing should be “lifestyle” about them.

but, is it me or do a lot of frat wolves get down with much more than stepping?
i know a few college foxes who have dealt with the finest frat wolves.
even star fox and i have.
i started to wonder…

have you ever dealt with the forbidden fraternity boy?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HiUdFmloNtI]
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLrgmSrFrPk]
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c04nBcQj3Pc]
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VNKwvKp0oA]

i personally think kappas are sexy.
just my type and pretty boys.
alphas tend to be very intellectual.
ques are real rough and brolic acting.
dunno too much about sigmas.

i met mine on a chat site couple years back.
he was a kappa and he moved to las vegas after graduation.
he got help by his frat brothers with a good job in his field.
seriously, that nigga was sexy as shit.
dark skinned with a crazy body.
he kept asking me if i would out him in any way.
i re-assured him i wouldn’t.
because of our distance it didn’t work out.
he really wanted me to move to las vegas and he would have helped me with a job.
rule numbero uno: no, but thanks.

star fox spoke to a frat wolf couple years ago.
he was actually going to morehouse.
he was very sexy and very smart.
his voice use to pull star fox out of the deepest sleep.
i think he was an alpha or sigma… one of those intellectual ones.
they talked for a long time,
like a year or two,
before they actually met.
they messed around,
but no actually step show in that booty.
they are still in contact.

messing with frat wolves is almost like nabbing a baller wolf.
they are very secretive since the whole frat organization is anti-gay anything.
this is why you find most of them cruising on chat and phone sites.
i know a bunch of kappas i suspect get down.
we don’t hang as much as we use too.
some shit went down between mutual friends and it divided us all.
one kappa in particular,
i wanted him to deep dive tongue first inside me.

they say college is the best place to experiment.
that is the place you can meet a pre baller wolf and turn him out over tutoring.
or, you can meet a frat boy and have late night rendezvous while his brothers are asleep.
you meet so many curious wolves/foxes/and hybrids looking to fix their fascinations.
i often wondered if i missed out on a lot not going to college?
if i would of had more dirty stories to share?
or, would i have been so unfocused with my studies and focused on who was coming to fuck me?
i’m sure i would have been a real hoe.
but, that’s is the beauty of life.
whatever route you take, you never know what the other word had in store.
or, what you may have been protected from.

so i have to ask…

Was college the best hook up spot of them all?

36 thoughts on “I Should Cheat On You With A Fraternity Wolf.

  1. Never had the opportunity while in college, because I was too naive to know about all the down low activities that happens in fraternity. But after college, I have been with more than my share of Kappa’s, and I think its more of them that get down, than don’t. Sorry to stereotype, but conceited asshole to describe them is a understatement, but maybe those are the ones I dealt with, but that pretty boy swagg will get you every time, and its easy to get caught up in a Kappa’s charm. I haven’t personally dealt with an Omega, but heard that they are super freaky and mess around more in college than out. Even though, I didnt attend a HBCU, I have attended many homecoming weekends at different ones, and all the Kappa alumni parties are just disguises for D.L. meet and greets.

  2. Any Morehouse alumni or current students here? I’m gonna be a senior this year. The Kappas in the AUC aren’t really active. I thought about pledging my sophomore year, but didn’t go through with it. My ex pledged to one of the more popular orgs though. Did I miss out?

    1. I’m a Morehouse Alum. Class of 2011. You didn’t miss out on anything. Especially with the Kappas who are not really ‘Kappas’ they’re ‘Vipers.’ Different hand signs. Different jackets. Different everything. The overall KAY organization doesn’t care for Morehouse Kappas. The only active frat on campus on campus are the Omegas. But honestly just being part of the Morehouse network is fraternity enough. You’ll see what I mean after you graduate.

      1. Do a nigga named Arrington? He graduated that year I think. Slang dick good, and still gets all the incoming freshman lol. Aight, I’ll stop lol

      2. LOL of course I know who that is. It was kind of sad to see how he had a whole gang of freshman following him around. We all knew what the deal was. He was allegedly harrassing this one freshman to the point where he was no longer allowed in a particular dorm. There are always the individuals who prey on freshman since their easy targets. I was warned about it prior to my arrival.

      3. Yeah, dude was a trip but he was cool I guess. I just didn’t like how he acted all homophobic, but was the main one in White Hall jockin’ them lil’ dudes lol.

      4. That’s usually how it goes. The main ones who were anti-gay were the ones doing the most behind closed doors. My overall ecperience was different because i was more so around the more open gay students than the closeted ones. There was very muvh a divide between the groups. Its interesting that you dated boys from school. I did like once but when i was there you were hard pressed to find a wolf let alone one who wasnt a freshman slayer. But yeah we were there around the same time. Don’t remember seeing you but I was barely on campus my junior and senior year. The Morehouse in me feels compelled to add If you have any questions or anything hit my blog up and leave your email.

    2. and THIS , is how the chapter at your school recommends you seek admission into an org? what’s your name

  3. Ahhh college days lol. There were a few frat guys on campus that got down. It seems like i find more kappas that get down than any oher frat…especially at the school i graduated from. I fooled around with a few kappas and alphas (dont judge me lol). Most people in frats are super anti-gay in the public due to the persona they have to put on…but they will definetely grind on yo ass at a party. I think i got away with chilling with the frat guys because I’m pretty discreet and was just cool with damn near everybody on campus. Frat boys gets down tho…dont be fooled by their ladies man persona. On another note jamari….maybe you should make a post about college football players as well…because they are the ones who are geting it in!!!

  4. i’ve dated….. …. counting …. …….. 4 that i can think of but i’ll round up to five. all kappas i think? no. one alpha. i’ll never date a kappa again. seriously the last couple that have tired to get at me i turned down just on the fact. i cant deal with someone putting an organization before me all the time. they’re spoiled and full of themselves and think they are uber important. well except one. but the rest can all go play in traffic.

    all very attractive, very ambitious and very discreet which i liked.

  5. Ive been in relationship with a Nupe and Alpha…. The Alpha was such a great guy he was so stable he had money he was a thinker he was someone i thought id be with forever…. I recently started talking to a kappa a few months back he was very sweet, but he played too much games… If I could be the alpha I would but he wanted the american dream (Wife,kids, house) and I just couldnt do the jump off thing… (at the time) lol

  6. I’ve dated and been in a relationship with a few frat boys. Nothing special about them at all and I cosign everything Jay and Vain said.

    A lot of them join them because they’re nobody and want to feel important. Some join because their father or grandfather pledged.

    In the grand scheme of things, it’s a waste of time. They don’t even support each other beyond college. Old school D9 (pre-2000) don’t even fuck with new school.

    1. Lol I do. My school is all up and through there for all the DL activities and sex parties that go on between atheletes.

    2. DAMN, they putting niggas on blast. MESSY. That’s another reason why I wouldn’t do it. Messing with niggas in the spotlight can come back on you because they talk to much. If 2 or 3 are gay in a frat. What makes people think they don’t talk? I can’t.

  7. personally.
    i feel frat boys are appealing for people who didn’t attend college with them.
    the kappas i know make themselves a big deal.
    people who were in class with them are probably like, “oh them? irrelevant.”

    can i get some descriptions of what the different frats are like?
    i would love to hear their pros/cons…
    i know that maybe asking a lot, but i’m curious…

    1. Kappas: pretty boys. A little full of themselves. Throw the best parties. Got suspended from my school for 2 years for allegedly making the pledges eat donuts off of their peens.

      Alphas: The smart ones. They are destined for greatness.

      Omegas: Akways acting a damn fool. They give the best “service”

      Sigmas: Laid back Omegas

      1. LMAO! I know what school this is! That donut thing is legendary! I heard about it before I even went to college.

      2. don’t believe the hype with those stereotypes! if you get with a man in a frat, know that if they are active, it’s time consuming so that might be a factor. there are some guys in frats who are out while most are out only to certain people. if you happen to meet someone in a frat, look at his character not his org. there are all types in a frat! s/n if you are interested in joining a D9 frat, be yourself! don’t let your sexuality stop you! your character and how you carry yourself is whats important. how you serve your community and how you grind to improve yourself counts the most!

  8. From a post-grad perspective, the attraction to frat dudes is so freshman year, it just doesn’t mean shit in the grand scheme of things.

    They’re just dudes with Greek letters and most of them use them to feel important or superior. The ones who don’t even mention they’re even apart of XYZ until it comes up in some random way are the attractive ones to me. For them, being a member is just one of a long list of many accomplishments, not the ultimate accomplishment.

    Looking back, I wish I had joined one of those White frats and been one of a handful of token black guys. They really did live in mansions and throw wild parties like in the movies on my campus. Lol

    1. BTW, I’ve fucked with Omegas and I see why they have so females ready and willing to set it out.

      No lie.

  9. I’ve talked to at least one from I think 3 of the 5 D9 frats. There are plenty of gay ones in all of them and they’re all over. So based on my dating experience and overall interaction with them during and post college when it comes to dating them again… No more Kappas. No more Alphas. Maybe a Sigma it he’s fine enough. Yes to Omegas. And I don’t think I’ve ever had a conversation with an Iota. Frat boys aren’t anything special and very few of the gay ones really look like the kappas in the last picture.

  10. Lawd have mercy..I am going to have to re-visit this post when I get off work…in the meantime..WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. So far I haven’t, but I still have 3 years to go. I really don’t want to deal with a Frat tho because they aren’t my type. I played googly eyes one night with one back late last year while he was playing basketball ball with a female friend of mine. At first I thought he was staring at my other friend, but she left and I still saw his eyes.LOL. Like a fool, I looked at the wall I was leaning on as if something were on it that he could have been staring at. Yea I am very naive so what. Back then I didn’t know he was a frat brother tho, if I did know I wouldn’t kept looking at him that night. I did find out later that he had an indentical that resided on campus too. Anyway, from what I have heard from my friends and from what I have witnessed, frat brothers in general to me think they are too important to socialize with everyone else who is not on their level, and they are very cocky. They have reps. to keep and I don’t have the patience for that. I like guys who are not in the spotlight and require less attention. I have many friends but that’s it. I don’t draw attention to myself at all. I also have a fear he would talk about me to his fellow brothers if they are down, I know that happens. Frat brothers are very close so they share info. like that. A night of sex with one would even be too much for me. Sorry.

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