you ready for another round in Jamari’s Pleasure Hole?
i know you are.
Check out another 5….

… and pick only 1 to provide you pleasure…






YOU CAN ONLY CHOOSE 1… To Take Into The Hole.

Who would you lay down some rubber for?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “LAY DOWN SOME RUBBER: (36)”

  1. I would love D he looks versatile and hot the first two look like thugs I would not make it out alive

    1. thugs? from beverly hills maybe

      c and mayyybe e can watch…. the rest look like drama queens and wannabes.. a looks too goofy, b is not attractive, the tats dint help either, d looks boring

      1. Oh dang, I didn’t even recognize her lol! Alright, she’s too crazy, though I could deal with it for a night (I think) — I’ll go with E…and D as a backup. Something about C though tells me he’s a closet freak

  2. I would go with E. Something about him says boyfriend material. But if I was just looking for a wolf to devour me it would be A

  3. B for sure with honorable mention going to A. C is a fox who seems like a nice person from her vids on tumblr. She used to be fat and unattractive and lost a whole bunch of weight and now she’s a tumblr celebrity. D is too into himself and E is a fox.

    1. Wow C would’ve had to have been really huge with a whole bunch of rolls and shit to ever be unattractive cause that face in the pic is just killer. Really cute dude.

    2. these folk jjust share all their info? ps: they’re all bottoms so choosing the most masc looking one doesnt do anything

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