I Should Cheat On You With A Fraternity Wolf.

i have a soft spot for frat wolves.

someone about a group of wolves/foxes/hybrids,
working together,
bonding and being brothers,
all while doing those little step shows  in the college yard.
all that testosterone.
all those fine ass men coming together as one.
enough to give me a damn seizure.
but, messing with a frat wolves can almost be a secret society.
just like the whole fox/hybrid/wolf life.
they tend to all be the “man’s man“.
nothing should be “lifestyle” about them.

but, is it me or do a lot of frat wolves get down with much more than stepping?
i know a few college foxes who have dealt with the finest frat wolves.
even star fox and i have.
i started to wonder…

have you ever dealt with the forbidden fraternity boy?

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