Razberry Gets Exposed For Affair With Married Wolf

luckey comes for round 2!
i love it.
i love it.
i love it along time.

did razberry gets a dose of karma today?
since he tried to shine a light on other people who maybe in the closet…
his former associate may have just dragged him the FUCK out of his.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWjhhtz8Jak]


i done told ya’ll it was a suicide attempt.
couldn’t tell me it wasn’t.

but, razberry fucked up and his credibility is shot.
i hope he has something for round 20 (is it 20? i feel like it’s more).
he could as well pack up and move to who-ville.

too bad tho.
i couldn’t even let him bunk on the floor of the guest room.
my foxes, wolves, and hybrids have voted him:

breezy wolf,
o cakes,
and bow wow

can all rest easy… this round.
i’m sure a couple more shots will be fired.
at this point, it’ll be from a water gun.

Should Raz B give it up? or keep fighting?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

31 thoughts on “Razberry Gets Exposed For Affair With Married Wolf”

  1. Raz is not even a gay man. He is a dude who was molested and is seriously disturbed and trouble.

    We tend to forget that. He is acting out out of angry but let this be a LESSON to the youngin’! DON’T FUCK WITH A DL DUDE ESPECIALLY IF HE HAS A FAMILY! He will pick his family EVERY time!

    I don’t wish nothing bad on the brotha. He REALLY need to get together…

    1. ^ETA: last time i did a post on malo,
      it cause hella controversy.
      they all came on here acting out.
      sent them all seats.
      i’ll sit this one out.
      unless a huge bomb is dropped.

      1. Well it was a bunch of ‘you got aids’ and ‘you have no walls’…BUT YOU BOTH ARE FUCKING RAW AND EVER DUDE DONE HAD YOU ON CAM INCLUDING SOME ‘FANS’….A pot calling the kettle black…it’s really no damn news…the kids read Hot Rod for filthy though…it was entertaining and sad at the same time.

        1. ^ i heard light party 1 had hiv tho.
          never heard anything about the brown one.

          i remember i saw hot rod at an event during fashion week.
          i didn’t expect that in person,
          especially not from the videos.

          i won’t lie,
          his man looks better in person though.

      2. You mean EX man…Angyl dump his ass because Hot Rod was too immature (Angyl almost 40 years old.)

        Let’s just say both light bright and chocolate drop shouldn’t be calling each other’s status…

        1. ^he is 40?!?!
          he looks young.
          the calling out of the status makes me see why smart people hang with themselves.

          Do you believe all the rumors about Malo?

      3. Model Mayhem reads he’s 28 and the porn sites say he’s 38. Which one is it? LOL. He does look old in the face, and his body looks beat up. It’s sad.

      4. Now I don’t know Malo personally to confirm that he is a thief but when I witness several encounters with him, he came off as VERY cocky and it turned me OFF.

        Let me tell you a secret. A lot of these HOT porn ‘stars’ are BROKE and STILL working the streets of ATL (or any other major city), room mates in the slums and stuntin’!

        Most of them are sleeping on couches and don’t even have a car to drive.

        What money they are making, they are spending it on dumb shit like drugs and booze.

        The studios are making bank off of them and pumping these porn boys heads up. They are signing contracts and not reading them. Jamari they make money off of the scene and do not receive revenue and residuals.

        When they are dead and gone, the production companies will be making thousands off of each of them!

        There is a certian studio right here in ATL who do NOT test their models, they just pair positive with positive and that is the end of it.

        It’s sad man. Now I WILL say that I know of a few who are smart about their money but not many….

        I went in on the Trap/Rod situation by the way..my cocktail got the best of me.


        1. ^that is sad.
          these boys need a reality check about this porn industry.
          the life they live is a dangerous one.

          …and that fight between those two was OD corny.

      1. I was never attracted to the yellow one; I never saw what others did. Brown one does seem to have gotten a fatter booty all of a sudden…I used to feel him

      2. The yellow one was attarctive when he first started. Then he just took way too many d!cks and too much cum for me. The other one has butt implants and is as femme as they come. I’ve seen him (pre-implants) at the train station. Too each his own.

    2. It’s sad man. You can really make a lot of money in the business and live a comfortable life but these queens get SO caught up in all the wrong shit and keep in mind, they ain’t used to shit.

      The stories I could tell me….reason why I decide to cover the industry. Show the ugly side of what it’s about.

  2. This just sounds like a bunch of messy queens throwing mud at one another, honestly. Whoever this new person is making these claims, I’m sure, was paid to do so. Raz being or not being gay doesn’t change anything he said. So I don’t quite see the point either way.

    1. ^sounds like chris stokes is in the hot seat.
      he is scared and pulling at straws.
      chris probably sent one of paid goons to discredit Raz b….
      Or tell the truth in a malicious way.

      This is all way too messy now.

  3. He should give up. Poor Raz B. Shit is going to pop off when he gets back to the states. I’m not surprised by what was said in the video either. I always thought he was gay, but he was turned out tho.

  4. This is too funny!! True T is & It was all over the internet that Raz B and Malo were actually involved once upon a time. http://www.lipstickalley.com/f154/wheres-tea-official-2011-tea-thread-301338/index8.html My uncle knew Tomas who shortly acted as Malos manager when he was doing porn after the few months signed with cocodorm and I guess Tomas told my uncle that he had to meet with Razberrys team to figure out how to keep shit on the hush between Raz nd Malo a couple weeks prior Raz went viral wit the molestation charges. Q at World Star (also on the DL) was going to go for blood when someone peeped his ear wit the whole Raz B and sum gay porn star known as Malo! Raz Bs people paid Q’s fatass to stay quiet. He had pictures of Raz and Malo which would confirm Raz’s sexuality! After the thing wit Malo happened, Raz moved to China where I guess hes making a career for himself. Malo decided to abruptly quit porn due to the drama and this mess between Raz. Raz takes good care of Malo frm what Tomas told my uncle & never wanted Malo to do porn. Tomas also said that he stopped fuckin wit Malo because Malo refused to look out for him after retiring from porn. Tomas said malo is nothing like people portray him to be as far as your average porn whore who has nothing, sleeps on couches etc etc Malo is actually very bougetto in person and is use to nice things. Malo however is rumored to have a very mean spirit and a big cocky attitude. I guess he feels that the shit wit Raz made him a god but who the fuck is Raz??? Soo irrelevant like girl sit down!

    I have a friend also who says that Malo actually is doing very well for himself and has his shit together and personally spent time at a small function Malo hosted at his spot downtown ATL. This would probably make excuse for his cockiness that everyone is talking about?? I mean the boy is fine dont get me wrong but to me hes just another light skinned shortie once caught up in the porn fantasy and still basking off of tht image which causes for the little bit of relevance he has today. Im so tired of hearing about Malo good or bad. He filmed back in what early 2009 on through 2010?? its 2012 Fuck tht bitch. uggghhh!!! But thats what Ive heard when it comes to lil ms Malo-ishha. After seeing this thread I had to put it out there.

    1. guuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #dead!!!!! ^^^^^^^ I heard about that shit wit Malo and Raz but seriously felt it was a rumor since everyone speaks of Malo smfh! this is just too much for me right now.

  5. Yea from what I’ve personally heard Malo isn’t a bum. He just has a horrible attitude and hangs with a few “exclusive” people do he says. I thought those rumors about malo stemmed from Trappboy and Baby Boy making fake accounts? But yea who cares bout these porn hoes and who gives a fuck whether Malo is doing good or bad? He’s a self righteous asshole! Fuck him

  6. I just saw this nigga Malo @ Lenox hes so cute & his Boyfriend is fine as fuck too. Y are there so many blogs and posts about him?? You dont waste your time on “trash or whores” so obviously hes doing sumthing right. Dont give people so much power. If he is a cocky arrogant asshole, yu guys give him the power to be just that. I mean how many posts in this blog include him?? Im also tired of hearing about him

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