marvin bienaime might be responsible for some of you becoming gay or bi

marvin bienaime is out here turning folks gay.
he made me accept my taste with all the sexy males he photographs.
his ig can be the perfect jack-off material too.










marvin spares no details on the meats.
i wonder if the males he photographs know folks are jackin off to them?
i bet some of them will have a hissy fit with that reality.
that would make me feel sexy and horny af but some of these males can be dorks.

 a vix-bi sent me something that marvin posted on his ig.
i don’t know if this was a joke or…

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Taye Diggs and The Sus Sex Joke That Fell Flat

taye-diggs-rosewood-e1444686878720i use to think taye diggs was fine.
i loved his smile and that tail of his:


well taye is trending because of a joke he made on twitter.
someone tweeted about what nba baller wolf,
steph curry,
said in reference to another baller wolf,
klay thompson.
it was in reference to “how stella got her groove back”,
a movie that taye has starred in.
well somehow taye saw it and well via baller alert
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Tears of a Hungry Clown

tumblr_lvqcuaLItY1qk6bpjo1_500it pays to have good friends in your life.
these are the people who make me go on,
even when i feel like giving up.
so this morning,
half asleep,
karaoke texted me asking me to do her a favor.
she wanted my cable info to watch a show on her computer.
since she is one of my closest friends that i trust,
i said why not?
one thing about karaoke is she cooks really good.
her family makes the best food.
she always sends me pictures of food she makes.
well i’m no where close to florida to get some food,
and i was stupid hungry,

so i texted jokingly…
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It’s Okay! Justin Bieber Is A “N” Word Anyway!

tumblr_n6hp5ciwYn1t2ddfuo1_500someone is out to get justin bieber.
well who isn’t?
so before he started acting…
let me find a word so i’m not part of the problem this morning…
got it.
there we go…
thanks kevin hart!
so before justin bieber started acting all “pineapple-ish”.
justin liked to make jokes about the same “pineapples”.
did you find this “pineapple” joke offensive?…
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Brandon Spikes Said If He Saw Someone Gay He Would Scream

Not a week goes by without an NFL player posting something stupid on Twitter. This week it’s Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes‘ turn.

Spikes took to Twitter on Wednesday and posted what appears to be a joke stolen from British comedian Jack Whitehall, who has said as part of his act, “I’m homophobic in the same sense I’m arachnopobic. I’m not scared of spiders. I’m not scared of gays, but I would scream if I saw one in my bath.”

For Whitehall, the biggest problem with that line is that it isn’t funny, and he’s supposed to be a comedian. For Spikes to repeat it is stupid both because if you’re going to steal a joke you should steal a funny one, and because “I’m homophobic” is a rather dumb thing for a public figure to say.

Now Spikes has created a bit of a controversy in New England, with media outlets including the Boston Globe and Boston Herald publishing critical stories about his tweet.

Spikes wasn’t in the Patriots’ locker room when media had access on Thursday, but several of his teammates were asked about it, and all of them avoided the topic and therefore avoided stirring up any further controversy. Patriots spokesman Stacey James said only, “The team has no comment.”

It’s easy to see why Spikes’s team and his teammates don’t want to wade into this controversy. But it’s hard to understand why Spikes created the controversy in the first place — or why he’s continuing to engage in Twitter arguments with people who were bothered by what he wrote. Spikes would be wise to knock it off.


really brandon?
and then looking like this…

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