drake likes tops (but before you take this title and run with it…)

drakey poo…

have you ever walked straight into a joke?
it was a nice “smell the roses” kind of stroll.
you weren’t paying attention until…
i feel like drake walked into a joke with his answer on howard stern.

Stern asked Drake what his favorite kind of porn was.

this was his answer

the highest tier.
top givers…”
i like high-tier tops too…


drake meant something completely different but i know ya’ll.

The gays are gonna turn that into a meme.

i felt it in my foxy senses deep that some good ones are…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “drake likes tops (but before you take this title and run with it…)”

  1. I have never never never been into his music or mystique. I am totally missing the sex appeal Poppi angle on this guy.
    So he pops bottles, spends/ throws away lots of cash. Has a few Cover Girls/Thots to mask the undercover, had a baby.
    “Next in line, please? Sir you are holding UP THE LINE! Securitttty. We have a WANKSTA in aisle 4”!

  2. Girl! LOL We know Aubrey is a whole female out here! We know her type! She just keeps peeping her head in & out of the damn closet. That’s it, that’s all!

  3. Lmfaooo. He said “tops…..givers” I see you drizzly. I have a theory about drake. I think he lowkey goes both ways and he’s been hinting at it for awhile now. I was watching that really long interview he did and they asked him about relationships or what not and he kept saying that he needs “somebody” , somebody and that answer got me to thinking, he very gender neutral.

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