It’s Okay! Justin Bieber Is A “N” Word Anyway!

tumblr_n6hp5ciwYn1t2ddfuo1_500someone is out to get justin bieber.
well who isn’t?
so before he started acting…
let me find a word so i’m not part of the problem this morning…
got it.
there we go…
thanks kevin hart!
so before justin bieber started acting all “pineapple-ish”.
justin liked to make jokes about the same “pineapples”.
did you find this “pineapple” joke offensive?…

tumblr_inline_mlo1ciB9Bg1qz4rgpif that was him “before”,
can you imagine how much he uses “pineapples” now?

there is a white delivery wolf who comes to my job.
he is cool with all the black mail room wolves.
ive heard him fire off the “pineapple” word with them.

“yo wassup my pineapples!”
“yo i nearly punched that pineapple in his face son…”
“nah pineapple its all good…”

…at first i gave him a mean side eye,
but they said:

“nah my manz was raised win the hood.
he is a “pineapple” so we don’t take offense to it!”

so maybe everyone will give justin a pass for this video?
you know.
since he was raised in the hood ‘n’ all.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “It’s Okay! Justin Bieber Is A “N” Word Anyway!”

  1. Why am I not surprised? We have made a grave mistake trying to take the sting and venom out of this stupid word. It is an insult to our ancestors who were beaten, raped, and killed under the direct verbal and generational assault of this word. Sometimes I think we will never fully grasp that the severe impact that global white supremacy has on our psyche and our beings. On a daily basis Black people are underestimated, undervalued, and marginalized and what do we do? We perpetuate these things by calling each other ______________. Not only do we call each other that but we live up to it by deciding to be ratchet, deciding to be “hood”, deciding that the we are the minstrels of the world. Those of us who do not behave in this fashion are not cool enough or important enough to talk about or celebrate

  2. Ugh see, Black people are always being subordinate. No wonder non-Blacks have no qualms about saying the N word or appropriating our dance and music. I guess I should be saying “Vato” since I grew up around Mexicans.

    I’d love to see the children of gay men. They must “Yaass!” and call everyone “bitch” 24/7.

  3. Justin go homeā€¦ I’m pretty damn sure that Canada misses you. You’ve outstayed your welcome.

  4. He hasn’t matured since that video. I really do not care for him much anymore. He’s sexy af tho, but my interest stops there.

  5. I not surprised at all. I know many whites who the word “pineapples” and date/befriend with blacks, sadly I was a victim of it.

  6. ^they out to get this dude.
    he pissed off the “powers that b” and now they swinging for that head.
    he better go adopt a ethiopian child,
    marry selena gomez,
    and start singing gospel.

  7. ok Jamari..I WILL NOT be offended…after all when you look at that idiot you see a young white ass with his dumb ass friends doing what they do best…jerking off each other. I am sure if he sees this now he will say either 2 things…1. he was young and spoke carelessly or 2 it was a doctored video. Either way he is a black man’s boy toy getting his ass of daily big black dick so who is running now?

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