shame you for not liking the “wap” video! (shame *clap* on *clap* you *clap*)

can i ask a question for the foxhole?
this isn’t directed at anyone in particular,
but Lord knows my social media timelines are flooded.
(there is a joke about this entry and flooded somewhere).
last night i had to sign off twitter because it was too much.
as you know,
cardi b came out with “wap” with megan thee stallion.
it’s been getting a ton of mixed reviews.
my thing is this

Why can’t someone just not like something anymore?

i like cardi and megs,
but if i never saw that video again,
i’ll be good.

It was two ratchet ass hood female rappers talking about how wet their pums is and how good they wanna be fucked.

next thing you know,
you’ll tell me dandelions are very yellow in the summertime.
the video was colorful and inspired off “baps”,
but i wasn’t moved.

That’s okay!

people get so up in arms over shit like this and it’s pretty amusing.
they acting like they directed the video!
i guarantee cardi and megs will be good if folks don’t like it.
they got enough money to sleep well at night.
its like if someone doesn’t like bey,
people are ready to fight you.

“How dare you not like the most talented black woman of our generation!?”

i thought folks was gonna have a fit over what cousin hybrid said about b and “black is king”:

you know i’ll say if i don’t like something and folks will have to deal.
my career goals is to be honest with myself and my commentary.
if i say it respectfully,
i expect the same in return.

lowkey: often times,
i feel like we need to be robots.
jump on everything the popular kids love to be shamed to the pits of hell.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “shame you for not liking the “wap” video! (shame *clap* on *clap* you *clap*)”

  1. All I could think about was those church lady pumps Megan Thee Stallion was wearing. She must have bad feet. Maybe bro shot them so she could get proper foot surgery. That’s all I got.

  2. It’s one thing for people to not like something or not to like the artist but to chastise Women for openly speaking about their sexuality, whilst praising Men who have done the exact same thing for generations in Hip-Hop is the hypocrisy that I’ve seen on my timeline especially with these pick me chicks.

    1. ^thats the part that makes me roll my eyes.

      why is a vulgar song even a discussion in 2020??
      i think they are trying to look for something to distract us with.
      stay woke.

  3. I somewhat share your friend’s sentiment about Beyoncé, Jamari. I haven’t quite fully formed my opinion about this “pro-black” Beyoncé…seems like her and her team are tapping into the current cultural consciousness of the Black American collective. Regardless, if some little black child feels better about themselves and their blackness ’cause of it, I guess I don’t quite mind…

    Also, I love how everybody done caught amnesia and loves Cardi now. What happened to her being a talentless, anti-black hack whose racial ambiguity allowed her to profit off of being hypersexual and ratchet…???? Lol, we all know why…

    1. ^its because meg is in the video,
      is all.
      if cardi releases that solo,
      i doubt it would have gotten the hype it did.

      meg just had sole public drama.
      this was perfect for her to bounce back and for cardi to come back stronger.
      it’s playing chess.

  4. At the end of the day Cardi B was lifted so Nicki Minaj would be blackballed.

    I could have liked the video/song, but I wouldn’t be genuine because first, Cardi B is doing this for money, not female rap or women empowerment, and second, I’m not hyping everything just because it’s “black”. I expect quality and authenticity too.

    Cardi can B whatever she wants, but I’m not here for her. And just because Megan is a black female rapper I will not turn a blind eye to the things she has done in the past. She apparently betrayed who started her career and I can’t full with her 50% because of it.

    What I’m interested in at this moment is Normani.

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