Boosie Wants You To Know There Are DL Males In ATL Right Now

i liked his outfit here sans all those tacky ass chains.
it’s black gay pride in atlanta this weekend.
it’s ludaday weekend too.
 i’m sure it won’t be hard to get some dl pipe during the festivities.
jack’d servers are probably holding onto dear life.
well boosie posted this tasteless joke on his ig…

who hurt him?
he is obsessed.
it’s getting a little scary now.
this is like,
the third “something” about gays now?
the dls are minding their business.
i don’t want to say he has “secrets”,
but why is he so upset with something he doesn’t “like”?
it should be banished from his existence.
he should go head and try it.

lowkey: this was on his ig as well…

low hanging fruit.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

30 thoughts on “Boosie Wants You To Know There Are DL Males In ATL Right Now”

  1. Another crusty, musty Boosie rant. He needs to beg his parents for an apology for creating such vermin, He looks like sin. Boosie hunty, you’d be lucky if a gay man even looked TWICE at your gremlin ass because you couldn’t pay me enough or get me drunk enough to go 10 feet within your ashy vicinity.

  2. This nigga needs a life!! Plus why you posting videos of a somebody sniffing something off some woman’s breast?!? I mean don’t you have daughter nigga? Would you want somebody putting them out there like that? I guess fornication and degradation is cool long as it’s man/woman (the one being degraded)?! Actin like a sex fiend and want to talk about somebody else sexual practices!! These clowns smother me in my sleep with the b.s. about gay men and dl men but got 10 baby mama and non of them never been your damn wife. They As screwed up as the People who only Christian on Sunday!!! Ya’ll know know I am not a fan of the “low” but don’t talk about my house being dirty when yours is flithy!!!!

  3. Ever since his ‘escapade’ in the jail house this nigga seems to be obsessed with gay sex and gay people. Seems like its been riding his mind and he cant sleep much less get over the damn shit.

    Nigga its OK TO BE GAY. He seems scared as fuck and wants to try what he saw in jail. That’s the only way he is ever going to get over it. Fantasies are riding his mind and his dick. I know what he is going through. People like him though will go to the extreme and go find some tranny to be the ‘first’ experience and before you know it we have another fucking problem of Tranny calling out another rapper!


    1. If you ask me, he did it already. Those who protest loudly are generally the ones with something to hide.
      He should keep his mouth shut before some devious trade exposes him.

  4. Wasn’t he hospitalized about a year ago. These days if you are hospitalized after being released from prison. Society in the back of their mind will question whether or not. j/s

  5. Wasn’t he in the hospital a couple of months ago? I think he is doing to much since now a days if you are hospitalized after being incarcerated there is that question whether or not. j/s

  6. Bootsie ass is a dl nigga in ATL! His constant need to care about homos are making me give his ass the side eye.

  7. Wasn’t he in prison? Where the term “DL” was originated for the coerced bootay lovers and newly discovered dick lovers found the low hanging fruit… Boy please!! You would know DL and where to go to find them. Spoken like a true DL “brotha.” leave Atl alone, I have to live here : /

  8. What manner of beast is he? He sickens me till no end. I’m from La and can’t stand his azz. He is cancer to black people with sense and a dark ditch for his followers that idolize him.

    He’s the type of DL nikka that think a gay dude want him just b cuz they gay but since he ugly af…he can’t get no play. Mutated swamp roach looking azz.

    1. ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️ Not a roah😭😭😭 I was a big booise fan until seeing this..🤔 Why are you mad though frfr

  9. Miss Torrance,

    Girl why you pressed about dl men? Go get your fleet enemea, jockstrap, dildo, coconut oil lube, weed, poppers, and camera and join in sis! Make sure you post it onto pornhub or myvidster or xvideos so I can watch it and bust a nut too! LOL

    1. Ew. He can keep that to himself. Nobody wants to see his crusty ugly ass. Don’t encourage him. After all the posts about him, I still have no idea who the fck he is or why anyon’es concerned about any filth that comes out his bottomfeeder mouth. He’s not relevant outside of the US.

      1. lol he’s not relevant passed the down. He could afford Cali or NY even if he sold 1 million albums lol. He has only released like two Studio albums in like 11 yrs

    2. No woman should be mad at me and this deal are having gay sex and performing anything he’s gay because he’s killing himself he’s not gonna live long doing those things anyway

  10. Lmao the DL guys were already in ATL. Nothing but the gay and free ones traveling there.😂😂😂

    If he hates gay men so much why does he live in the gay black Mecca that is Atlanta? Lol

    1. Good question! I’m from Louisiana and everybody and their mama LOOOOOOOVES Lil Boosie Badazz because he’s “a real nigga”! GET THE F.U.C.K (foolish uneducated cop killers) out of here!

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