Taylor Swift Asks If You’re “Ready For It?”

she has her guns loaded this era.
so taylor dropped her second single.
it’s called “ready for it?” and…

…and i’m really into what she is bringing to the table.
i fonted it!
i love the beat and production on this song.
her team was really smart capitalizing off her drama.
i never thought i would listen to taylor swift’s music.
“1989” was a bop.
life has a way of changing my musical tastes.
do i care if anyone knows that i like her music?
they’ll learn to adjust.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Asks If You’re “Ready For It?””

  1. You know Jamari, I’m trying my best not to like Taylor, but her songs are so damn catchy!!! Lol! I see why people don’t like her, but a lot of people love her. I get it!! It’s okay to like and to listen to her music 😊😊😊

  2. People can hate all they want on behalf of Kanye West who resides in Calabasis very far away from Chicago and claims he would’ve voted for Trump.

    The reality is Taylor Swift raised the bar for pop music. Strong vocals and precise dance moves aren’t necessary. Presentation is the most important thing and she delivers.

    She sat back and watched Katy Perry self destruct and flop and Kanye have a nervous breakdown then pounced. Lol

    Plus her fans are quiet but loyal. They’re not on the internet arguing, they’re buying and streaming.

    1. ^i respect her fanbase.
      no stan wars and no drama.
      they invest and let her continue to make moves.

      you are 110% on “She sat back and watched Katy Perry self destruct and flop and Kanye have a nervous breakdown then pounced.”

  3. Am I ready for it? Im ready for it to go away. I know that. 1989 was a bop which is why you can understand how some of her fans were upset that she took her music off Spotify only to come running back after them numbers started to drop and even fans turned on her. Imagine this rich azzzz woman making all this money just to piss on her fans by saying we should add to her wealth because she “works hard” I wont take away that she works hard but there are plenty of ppl buying her music. She isn’t broke just greedy. I don’t give a hoot about her and Kanye although she’s a proven liar and a proven bitch. It’s not like people hate her for no reason.

  4. Nah brah pass sounds like a white girl trying sound hard but don’t know what hard is. I would have to say Taylor is one of the first artist that certain aspects about her personality really put me off so I have absolutely no interest in her music PERIOD!!!! From her turning her nose up at Adele when she won the Academy Award for the song “Sky Fall” or the goody goody image that she puts up, or her dating that Kennedy teenager awhile back or the constant shade she throws all the time. I just don’t like this chick she seems fraudulent as hell. Really chick you tough really chick you a bad girl. Only other artist that their personal life has had that effect on me is R. Kelly (no explanation needed). I just can’t…

    1. And you know what else when I look at her I kinda see a straight up and down White Snob!!!! For real I think she would be one the mean girls in high school. Sorry Brah just my view. And know you saying “why come on here and comment if you don’t like her?” I don’t know man saw this and had not eaten yet.

  5. Yes she bitch, yes she’s fake, and yes she understands the music industry better than anyone right now. I was turned off bu the insincerity, but she seems to be imbracing her bitchy side publicaly which is giving me a change of heart. Be honest and I will respect you. I wouldn’t be friends with her but I also don’t mind accepting I am a fan now.

  6. I love the love song.
    I love 1989 its one my favorite album from her,
    yes I’m a black guy who is fan of Taylor Swift.

  7. I am surprised that black people are feeling Taylor Swift. My boyfriend likes some of her stuff. She won’t get my vote, but to each his own as my mom says..:

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