Put Your Money Where Your “Cash App” Is

i was looking for a way to budget my spending,
plus keep my debit card information protected.
i could use my credit cards,
but they’re all over the limit due to being unemployed.
a friend put me on to a way how i could do it.
of course,
ima put the foxhole on…

so we were randomly talking about the future and money a month ago.
he mentioned how he puts money on his “cash app card”.
“cash app” was formerly known as “square cash”.
it’s a way to send money to others with no hassle.
he doesn’t use his his debit card at all.
he sent me money to my cash app account before,
but i did not know they were offering a whole card.
mine came in the mail yesterday:

i just told karaoke about it

“mine is in the mail!!!!”

i had a feeling she was already on it.
i’ll put money on it and use cash from the atm.
it will also help me have a set limit so i don’t overspend.
i love putting the foxhole on to things.
in order to do it:

download cash app
set it up your bank account info
there is an option in “cash card” to request a card

it should arrive in a week.
i’d say this is a “foxhole essential”.

read more about “cash app”: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “Put Your Money Where Your “Cash App” Is”

  1. NICE!

    I knew about the app but the card is even better. I’m ordering mine now. I wonder is this putting western union and moneygram outta business.

    Side note: I would hate to send $50 plus the surcharge to a friend or family and IF they decided to pay me back they send me JUST the $50…naw boo…you owe me $55. Shouldn’t cost me money to help you out. Lol

    Thanks Jamari!

    Congrats on the job btw

    1. These are cool, but I’m wary of attaching ANYTHING to my bank account. Hackers are serious these days.
      I don’t use my debit card but at a few locations, other than that, it’s cash or credit cards.

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