The Vixens Are Going To Want A Pipe Sample In The Future

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 8.24.48 PMi always got this impression future had some good pipe.
hell ciara confirmed it for us.
*waves* hi c…
he seems like the type you put in the “fwb” category.
the wolf you let smash because he was “there” and it turned out to be good.
real good actually.
so you keep on doing it until you get married or saved.
you know those types.
one of the f-bi sent me a treat today.
it’s a groupie on future’s alleged dick report for our review from balleralert.
lets take a look shall we….

I don’t usually kiss and tell but I just had to tell this story! So, this weekend I was invited to club story, one of my promoter friends said that Future would be there. I have always thought Future was mad sexy so I definitely couldn’t miss this event. So I decided to wear something that would stand out and went with an all white number and gold accessories.

As I got to the club my promoter friend escorted me and my girl to VIP were he had a bottle of Ciroc waiting for us. We started drinking and turning up until about 3:00am when Future arrived at the club. I was in upstairs VIP when I spotted him in the downstairs VIP section and I figured here’s my time, I went downstairs and started making my way to his area. I noticed it was several ballers there that night like John Wall but they were the least of my concerns. I somehow made my way in his section I was so shocked how easy it was plus I was the only girl in the section but I didn’t care.

He looked so sexy in a black and white sweat suit with his hair pulled back in a bun. Omg! I was literally in arms reach of him but instead of touching him I just danced flirtatiously, and keep trying to make eye contact but I couldn’t tell if it was working because he had on black shades. So after like 30 mins he made his way to the Dj booth and when he did I did as well. I stood up on a platform near the booth where I know for a fact he would see me and began dancing as he and Dj khaled perform songs. While dancing I glanced up and saw him whisper to a friend of his that was wearing all red sweat suit his friend then looked at me and motioned with his finger to come here. So I quickly yet nervously made my way to him when he told me that Future would like some company later I gave him my number he said he’ll get at me and then walked away.

I noticed them leaving the club and a few minutes after I left as well. My friend decided to stay longer with some of her friends that met us there. Walking to the car I received a text saying “come thru” with the address and room number. When I got to the floor of the hotel it was a body guard at both ends of the hallway one of them ask who was I looking for and I said Future he then asked for my phone and ID. In my head I’m like he better be the f****** president or something they are doing the most, but I still gave him both and then he escorted me to the door. As I walked in Future was sitting on the couch playing beats and singing while smoking a joint and drinking out of a foam cup lol dude looked like he was in a studio so I said “I hope I’m not interrupting” with a smile he then flashed me his sexy ass smile and said ” nah mama you good.” I swear I wanted to f*** him right then and there but I kept my composure as I walked towards him he then stood up and gave me a hug and told me to give him a minute and asked if I wanted to hit the joint . I don’t usual smoke but s*** it was Future so I agreed. We then started talking about so many things like the music industry, the government, and what’s going on in the world I could tell he was fascinated by the intellectual conversation we were having just like I was. He also said I had pretty feet it threw me off but I found it kind of cute and weird.

Then he started playing this beat that sounded like an old ’90s r&b slow jam and I got up and started dancing in front of him by this time I was high as a kite so i had no shame. lol i could feel he was getting on hard so i kept dancing then smiled and said “ahh man you done f***** up” and then grabbed my hand and lead me to the bed. Then he asked me too strip and I did just as I was told. He grabbed a rubber and went to work! This man f***** like there was no tomorrow and with so much stamina. His d*** was above average but not horse d*** big and he hit every wall! The sex was so sensual and unfiltered. Like we have known each other for a while the s*** was the best!

As he hit it from the back he gripped a chunk of my ass and began biting softly on my back and worked his way to my ass. It felt so passionate I almost forgot this was my first time ever meeting him. We went from position to position for almost a an hour i never knew I could come so much and so hard he even made me squirt! I saw he was about to come so I made him pull out and I took off the condom and sucked the soul out of his d***. Yes, I let him come in my mouth and for the first time ever I swallowed every bit of it lol it actually wasn’t so bad the look on his face was priceless As we laid naked we smoked another joint and talked a little more before he start to yawn and doze off he then told me he planned to leave in a few hours. So before he booted me first I decided to say I had to be to work soon and that it’s about time for me to leave he agreed.

I began putting on my clothes and he put on his sweat pants and gave me a hug and kiss on the forehead then walked me to the door. He told me to check in when I made it home I agreed and after getting my phone and id from the body guard I made my way home. when i got home i texted and let him know and hr responded by saying he enjoyed my “company” and to keep in touch. I would’ve thought I would feel shame but I actually felt very accomplished I just slept with future!

Omg everything about the experience was awesome! I will definitely do it again he is so humble s*** cici is tripping!”

…she felt accomplished that she fucked future?5Oibsmaybe i missed the part where she got some shoes.
anyway i actually got very turned on.
*bookmarks his instagram*
i’m sure she will never sample that pipe again tho.
she seemed like the type to go into full stalker mode.
you know those types.
i think its best she got “one sample per person”.
if it was me…
i’d be letting him bang me until i needed another bangin’ in the future.
see what i did there?
you know,
until i was married or saved or some shit.

dick report found: baller alert

*if anyone has any good dick reports,
or knows someone with a great one,
please don’t hesitate to send me the full story for review.
pics also welcomed.
all person’s will be anonymous.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “The Vixens Are Going To Want A Pipe Sample In The Future”

  1. Future is just a no good dog. I find him attractive physically, but it stops there.

    Ciara is not tripping, she is not a groupie and wants more than just a good fuck. What is wrong with people? SMH.

  2. That was cute. These girls will run their mouths for any type of attention. He didn’t buy or pay for anything. All you got was some hard dick and a few texts. Def sounds like the stalker type though.

  3. Caribbean men go hard in the bedroom.

    I thought her “accomplished” comment seemed odd too. Mainly the part about feeling shame. She made herself seen, she gave him her number, she went to his hotel, she got high with him. Why did she think she’d feel shame when she clearly wanted the D?

    And I was waiting for him to hand her a gift-card or something too.

  4. This was hilarious! This bitch smoked and she don’t smoke, swallowed from a fertile nigga, and then denounced her shame as if she fucked King James. Smh. Groupies.

  5. Didn’t his fiancee Ciara dump him for being unfaithful and “one too many” hook-ups with groupies like the woman who wrote the dick report above? Me thinks so. And no wonder my recollection is that he has a bunch of kids by different women. He apparently has an unleashed dick and that’s not good.

    Show me a man who doesn’t control his dick and I’ll show you a man who should be shown the door!

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