future been single for 4 years (what joie chavis talmbout?)

future and his sex game must be sensational.
i don’t get it,
but to each their own.
so as you know,
joie chavis is allegedly pregnant with his cub.
she is bow wow’s baby mama as well.
she celebrated it with this dance routine:

now i thought they were together,
but the crazy part is,
he claims otherwise.
this is what he posted on his twitter

so that leaves me to wonder

Did she secure the bag off some fwb situation?

…and why?
i know they’ve been allegedly spotted together couple times,
spent new years along with her birthday,
and bought her a rolex.
it looked like they were legit together.
when she got allegedly outed for trashing his other baby mamas
( x check it out here )
she posted this on her stories:

i use to think she was gorgeous:

…but alla this has her looking like a pretty pelican to me.
so if future isn’t claiming her…

Is she really satisfied just being his alleged baby mama?

i hope there’s a twist that she’s with someone else.

lowkey: how reckless is future just putting random sperm in these vixens?

the straights continue to amuse me.

9 thoughts on “future been single for 4 years (what joie chavis talmbout?)

  1. Maybe y’all dnt listen to future’s music but he literally tells you who he is, he’s deep into pills & Codeine (which he will gladly choose over friends & lovers, his words) so I doubt he’s “all there” most of the time anyway, and he has proudly stated “if she catch me cheating I will never tell her sorry” so I already knew ole boy isn’t hubby material, he is the type that you “chill” with, fuck, might buy you a couple things and have a deep convo wit Cha’ every now & then cause you “coo” but all while being perfectly fine with just thinking of you guys as “friends” 🤷🏾‍♂️ she was foolish to think she was really in a Relationship, but Yes Jamari I’m SURE she’s ok with being a baby momma cause she will now receive another check every month so she can jus keep on doing dance videos 💃 or whatever the hell she does

  2. A mess… I’d let Future gimme that hood dick tho. Bow Wow can fuck me too but I want no parts of either in a relationship. Poor girl cuz she is beautiful.

  3. Remember when he was giving Ciara all kinds of hell? He just said this chick ain’t wife material, he ain’t husband material!!

  4. She looks like a full idiot in not only those dms but this situation, im so proud of ciara for moving on from the fuckery.

    I also just ummm I don’t get the future effect same w/ wayne.

    P.s. he can’t have that much money spreading it around like that so why get a baby from him.

    1. ’cause these chicks are stupid. they jump on the artist of the moment (even though his time has come and gone) thinking they will be around for a while and hey are set if they get knocked up by them. he’s a feature artist now, not even selling albums like he used to.

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