What Belongs To Amare Stoudamire Is Currently Sinking

new york is a mess.
buses and trains are a mess.
lower manhattan is still a mess.
amare stoudamire felt it like everyone else.
he had no electricity for a while,
and his jeep is currently, “under the sea“…

too crazy.
they had to cancel the nets and knicks season opener at barclays center because of hurricane sandy too.

i hope all my readers who dealt with wrath of the hurricane is safe!

i know things are tough right now,
but they will get better.

12 thoughts on “What Belongs To Amare Stoudamire Is Currently Sinking

  1. Interesting, we deal with storms/hurricanes every year here where I’m from. Before Sandy came, I thought all the press coverage and fear of Sandy was over exaggeration, but I guess I thought wrong. I hope you guys are all okay.

  2. I came home yesterday and my whole yard was flooded. My sisters new car had water in it and thats a total loss according to state farm. We still don’t have lights but the electric company said we should have em by tonight. I’m cold as shit right now. Smh

      1. Our lights are on now, but that’s nothing compared to the people who lost their homes and are out in the cold with children and family members who are ill. After seeing the pictures and videos of the destruction makes me feel sad and lets me know how blessed we were. Water was so close to coming in our house it wasn’t even funny. The water lines told it all. I didn’t know that Hurricane insurance didn’t cover floods. I thought it was a package deal since floods can be caused by hurricanes, that is such a rip off.

    1. Yeah, temps have dropped down to 40s & 50s at night…not much better during the day; I pray y’all get power back soon. We were blessed not to catch the brunt like you guys…

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