Send Prayers To A Fellow Foxhole Vet!


i need a favor.
i need you to send your prayers and light to a foxhole vet.
his name is malcolm and you usually see him in the comments.
he has been such a huge supporter for me throughout the years.
well he lost his grandmother last thursday.
he is going through a lot and it takes nothing to pray for peace in his forest.

Can you do this for me?

you are in my continued prayers!
may you find peace within this and know she is in much better place.
i’m sure she lived a great life and would want you to do the same.
she will be watching and guiding you.
if you listen,
you will hear her.

much love,

Thick ‘N’ Light Wolves Get The Foxes Hot

tumblr_nqt53gt7IP1rpu7ozo1_540sometimes a fox likes em thick and light.
like this wolf i saw cum down my tumblr timeline here…
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The Fight of my Life (Round 2015)

53806_muhammad_ali_nokaut1this is one of my favorite pictures.
its muhammad ali looking at his latest victim,
sonny liston,

sit cho blockhead ass down nugga

i want this picture framed after ive made it.
hanging right in my townhouse or condo.
in my living room.
every time i look at it,
it will represent the fight of my life.
always winning even if i thought that i lost.
i know the foxhole is always trying to prove ourselves.
its tiring ain’t it?
we put up a good fight tho.
belee dat!
life is funny.
its like we are always fighting.
fighting people.
fighting ourselves.
fighting our circumstances.
some people have it easy.
they don’t even need to step in the ring of life.
they win just off the strength.
others are always sparring.
always training.

the funny thing is…
these battles are always leading you to where you need to be.
that was my day today.
i’m going to start a timeline of how shit went down…
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What Belongs To Amare Stoudamire Is Currently Sinking

new york is a mess.
buses and trains are a mess.
lower manhattan is still a mess.
amare stoudamire felt it like everyone else.
he had no electricity for a while,
and his jeep is currently, “under the sea“…

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The Brand New Light Skinned Wolf To Hit The Pleasure Hole


eyes like deVane.
tats like arquez… and deVane.
lips like steven beck.
hype like george hill.
thirst trap like them all.
everyone one meet official young new.
this new york wolf has put in his bid to de-throne the other wolves.
i think he has a good shot…

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Lay Down Some Rubber: (34)

Let’s proceed to the next LDSR, shall we?

I don’t know if ya’ll eat Popeyes.
(I am a SUCKA for their biscuits.)

Well they usually ask which of the 2 do you prefer:


Well what a coinky dink for today’s foursome round…

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